Prospect Weekly
Year 3 Study Character Descriptions


In English this week, Miss Cross’ group have been thinking about character descriptions. The children thought of questions they would like to ask the main character from our current reading book to find out more about them. The children then came up to the front of the class, in role, and answered questions from the character’s point of view.

Year 3 and The Worst Witch


This term, Miss Huckfield’s English group have been enjoying studying the The Worst Witch. In Wednesday’s lesson, the children worked diligently in pairs to think of ambitious adjectives and super similes to describe the fearsome and terrifying Miss Hardbroom. They then wrote vivid character descriptions of her in Thursday’s lesson.

Marvellous Maths in Year 2


Year 2 have been working hard this week using their maths hats to solve a ‘Think-Tac-Toe’ activity. They had to use their knowledge of larger numbers and the value of each digit within that number to solve each square of the board. They made excellent use of the resources and even wrote many of the large three-digit numbers in words!

Drama in 3C!


In drama this week, 3C have been using freeze frames to portray activities they enjoy doing. The children thoroughly enjoyed guessing each other’s favourite pastimes.

PSHCE in Year 4

Year 4 have been focusing on self-esteem this week in PSHCE. The children were asked to think about what makes them unique and special. Here are some excellent examples of how the children in 4S are all wonderful individuals who should be very proud of themselves!

Amazing Architectural Workshop


The Lower School children loved the architecture workshop this week. It was very engaging and a great way for them to work on their fine motor skills. They had great fun while working on their listening and teamwork skills.

Upper School Harvest Assembly

The children had a lovely time celebrating harvest festival on Friday. Our assembly focused on how lucky we are and how we can pass things on to other people to make a difference to their lives, whether that be a smile, an act of kindness or a donation. Thank you to everyone for the amazing quantity of goods that were brought it. These have been taken to the ‘Ace of Clubs’ in Clapham, which helps homeless and vulnerable people.

Lower School’s celebration and thanksgiving

At the Lower School’s Harvest Festival, the assembly highlighted how lucky we are to have lovely food. Some Year 2 children cleverly jumbled up the letters of the word H-A-R-V-E-S-T to make others words such as H-A-V-E, S-H-A-R-E, E-A-T and S-A-V-E when thinking about harvest time. A prayer of thanks was read out and all the children sang a harvest hymn to celebrate. A big thank you to everyone who brought in the many donations for the shelter.

4R and the ‘Chocolate Cake’

During their drama session, the children in 4R were completely mesmerised as they watched Michael Rosen (author and poet), recite his famous ‘Chocolate Cake’. Having watched and listened to how Michael Rosen changed his facial expressions and the tone of his voice while reciting a poem, the children will be putting this into practice in their drama lesson next week.

Sports Results

Year 6 girls netball v Ursuline Prep

‘A’ team drew 4-4

‘B’ team lost 8-0

Year 6 girls netball v The Hurlingham

‘A’ team won 8-6

‘B’ team lost 11-3

Year 5 boys football v The Hurlingham

‘A’ team lost 1-0

‘B’ team lost 3-0

‘C’ team drew 2-2

Year 6 Epsom College Football Tournament

The boys battled extremely well to reach the trophy semi-finals in a hugely exciting tournament. Having won two out of their three group matches against Knightsbridge School (2-1) and Finton House (2-0), the children were then disappointed with their semi-final. They dominated the match against King’s House School but conceded a goal in the final 10 seconds of the game.

Early Morning Clubs

Please do not arrive before 7:40am for the 7:45am clubs. For the choirs and ensembles that start at 8:00am, please do not arrive prior to 7:55am. There is no supervision for the children prior to this time. Thank you for your understanding.

Reporting Absence

When reporting your child’s absence due to sickness, please email This will ensure that your child’s teacher is informed of their absence as early as possible. Thank you.


Many congratulations to Miss Horseman and her partner David on the birth of their daughter Sophie Rose Burgess, who was born on 24 July. Both mother and baby are doing well.

Future dates

Saturday 6 October

Open Morning for prospective parents 9:30am – 12noon

Monday 8 October

Year 1 Trip to Legoland

Tuesday 9 October

Year 5 trip to the Science Museum

Second-hand uniform-sale: Lower School: 8:00am – 8:45am

Upper School: 3:00pm – 4:15pm

Wednesday 10 October

Year 2 trip to Gunnersbury Park and Museum

Thursday 11 October

Year 3 trip to the Natural History Museum





Wednesday 26 September

To the parents of children in Year 1

Trip to Legoland

Wednesday 26 September

To the parents of children in Year 6

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