Prospect Weekly
Our Wonderful Open Day Volunteers

A big thank you to the wonderful volunteers who helped at our recent open day. The children were kept extremely busy as they showed a stream of prospective parents around the school. We received lots of excellent feedback about how positive, polite, informative and confident the children were.

Well done, and thank you!

A Farewell Treat from Mr Larkin


Mr Larkin is taking a year’s sabbatical from November, as he has been selected to lead the orchestra on the 2018 UK and Ireland tour of Les Misérables. In Friday’s assembly, accompanied by Mr Baker, he treated the children to a selection of songs from the musical, which left the audience of children and staff utterly spellbound. Thank you, Mr Larkin, and we look forward to seeing you on your return.

Year 1 Have Fun at Legoland


The Year 1 children had a brilliant day out at Legoland, which helped reinforce their topic on Toys. In the Lego Forces workshop, the children had to build a Lego car and choose the tyres that would make their car travel the furthest. They learnt that it wasn’t necessarily the biggest wheels that they needed! Over lunch, the children were treated to a puppet show of The Elves and the Shoemaker. In the afternoon, they went on an ‘I spy’ hunt in Miniland, where they found a variety of famous landmarks made out of Lego! A big thank you to Mrs Pettyfer, Mrs Santos-Stephens, Mrs Wilson-Papps and Ms Rabenda for accompanying the trip.

Year 2 Have Fun at Gunnersbury Park Museum


On Wednesday, Year 2 visited Gunnersbury Park Museum where they met Mistress Jane Birch, maidservant to diarist Samuel Pepys, and eyewitness to the Great Fire of London. The children were given the opportunity to dress up and discover both how the fire started and why it spread so quickly. While they were at the museum the children also got to dress up in aprons, mob caps and waistcoats, and to role-play as maids and footmen working alongside a Victorian servant in the museum’s Victorian kitchens. Altogether, it was a fun and fact-filled history trip! A massive thank you to the parent volunteers who helped with this trip.

Year 5 Visit the Superb Science Museum

On Tuesday, the Year 5 children enjoyed a fun and enlightening visit to the Science Museum. They were intrigued by a variety of experiments and displays in the awesome Wonderlab which explored topics such as friction, aerodynamics, magnetism, sound waves, electricity, reflection and the orbit of our planet. All the children and staff then took part in a fascinating rockets workshop. After enjoying lunch and some playtime in Hyde Park, everybody then visited the space exhibit in the museum to complement what they are currently learning in science.

Hedgehogs in Reception!

The Reception classes have had an exciting week learning about hedgehogs. The children have created information books about these endangered animals and have even made a home for one in our school garden. We are keeping our fingers crossed that a hedgehog finds a safe haven at Prospect House.

A Visit to the Natural History Museum with Year 3

The children in Year 3 had a fantastic day out at the Natural History Museum this week. They spent the morning in an investigation workshop; handling and examining some of the museum’s wide range of amazing artefacts. In the afternoon, they went to explore the ‘Powers of the Earth’ zone where they learnt about volcanoes and earthquakes. The Year 3 children even got to experience the power of an earthquake first-hand!

Year 6 Visitor: The Hunger Project

On Friday 5 October, Year 6 welcomed Mrs Tullis, trustee of The Hunger Project, who talked to the year group during their PSHCE lesson. She invited the children to reflect on what you could buy for £1.40 (the amount spent on a family a day in some of the 40 countries in which the charity is active). We reflected on the importance of equality across sexes and indeed all variables. Accounts of arranged marriages at the tender age of 14 were shared and the sustainable work keeping girls in education by the charity was explored. We left the talk realising how lucky we are to attend a school as safe and comfortable as ours, and we have been inspired to help others who are less fortunate.

Year 5 Epsom College Tournament

The Year 5 girls really enjoyed their netball tournament at Epsom College. Facing some new teams they worked incredibly well as a team and played some excellent netball, with a win against Thomas’s Fulham and narrow one-goal losses to Thomas’s Clapham, The Hurlingham and Broomwood Hall. Sadly, we didn’t make it past the group stages, but the girls certainly improved throughout the competition and should be very proud of themselves and how they played.

Year 3 PHS Netball Tournament

The Year 3s played well in their very first tournament this week, putting into practice everything they have learnt so far this term. The ‘A’ team came 3rd in their group, winning 2-0 against Orchard House, drawing 0-0 with Ursuline Prep, 1-1 with The Roche School and losing 2-1 against the Old Vicarage School. The ‘B’s played brilliantly and were rewarded with 4th place in their group, after drawing 0-0 with PHS ‘C’ team and Ursuline Prep, winning 2-0 against Orchard House and with narrow 1-0 losses to Unicorn School and Falcon girls. The ‘C’ team also did fantastically well, and came 5th in their group following 0-0 draws with PHS ‘B’, Ursuline Prep, Orchard House and narrow 1-0 and 2-0 losses to Unicorn School and Falcon girls respectively. Well done, girls.

Sports Results

Year 5 boys football v The Hall School

‘A’ team won 5-0

‘B’ team lost 2-1

Year 4 boys football v The Hurlingham

‘A’ team lost 2-1

‘B’ team lost 2-1

‘C’ team lost 2-0

Year 3 PHS Mini Football Tournament


The ‘A’ team found it hard to score goals although showed great understanding in their first competitive tournament, drawing three games and losing one. The ‘B’ team were extremely happy to take away silver medals, winning two matches with some last minute goals. The ‘C’ team, playing in a ‘B’ team tournament, played with real passion, challenging all the ‘B’ teams and only losing by a narrow margin in most games.

Year 5 OHS Mini Football Tournament

The ‘A’ team found it hard to find their rhythm, winning one and losing two of their matches. Although they created some great chances, the team slightly rushed their finishing. The ‘B’ team enjoyed success, winning two of their games and narrowly losing the other to Latymer Prep. They finished the tournament as runners-up.

Mufti Day and Quiz

On Friday 19 October, the Upper School and Lower School will be having a mufti day and a school quiz. The quiz will be in the morning at the Lower School and in the afternoon at the Upper School. Children are invited to come to school in their own clothes on this day. All gym, PE and Games sessions will still take place, and so children should ensure that they have the correct kit for these lessons.

Lost Property

Please could you check your child’s belongings.

Future dates
Monday 5 NovemberTerm starts

Friday 19 October

Mufti day and quiz

Monday 22 October

Half-term holiday

Tuesday 6 November

OPRO school visit for Years 2-6

Thursday 8 November

Year 4 trip to Hampton Court Palace



Second-hand uniform

Thank you to everyone who donated second-hand uniform and helped with the recent sales. We have raised £1,400 for the PROFS fundraising pot!

The next sale will be in February, so please keep any second-hand uniform until then and we will let you know nearer the time, when you may bring in your donations. We will also inform you when second-hand school shoes are needed for the Albaraca nursey school.

Should you require any second-hand items in the meantime, please contact Mrs Davis at Thank you.

Lower School Recognition

Upper School Recognition

Recognition this week

Each week in assembly children are recognised for achievements in the classroom and in the areas of music, computing, art and sports. This week the following awards have been made:

Nursery L

James Buss

Nursery V

Leo Davey

Reception H

Sebastian Jones

Reception W

Huxley Leppard

Year 1M

Gabriella Verdon-Roe

Year 1R

David Mitchell

Year 2B

Charlotte de Vasconcelos

Year 2F

Sofiya Asif

Year 3C

Thomas Hayllar

Year 3H

Thomas Breese

Year 4R

Isla Canning

Year 4S

Sara Woodward

Year 5O

James Bedford

Year 5S

Coco Stirling

Year 6C

Harrison Tudor-Williams

Year 6G

Rosie Denza





Tuesday 9 October

To the parents of children in Years 2 to 6

Compulsory mouthguards and optional purchase of hockey sticks – OPRO visit

Tuesday 9 October

To the parents of children taught by Mrs Watkinson

Maternity leave – appointment of Mrs Jenny Reynolds

Wednesday 10 October

To the parents of children taught by Mr Larkin

Mr Larkin to take a year’s sabbatical – appointment of Miss Jennifer Coombes

Wednesday 10 October

To the parents of children taught by Mrs Juniper

Maternity leave – appointment of Mr David Richard and Mr Joshua Simoes

Friday 12 October

To all parents

Email scams in schools are becoming prevalent

Friday 12 October

To the parents of children with siblings attending morning clubs in the Upper School

Additional early morning club in the Lower School

All current circulars and messages can be seen in the secure section of the school’s website. Please always report any difficulty in logging in to the secure area to the school office, or to the email address shown on the website:

MK Hodge 12 October 2018