Prospect Weekly
Shared Reading in Year 2

Children in Year 2 have enjoyed sharing books with their friends. They read a range of fiction and non-fiction texts and enjoyed discussing the books; they even managed to enjoy some delicious birthday treats while they were sharing!

Year 6 Ratio and Proportion


Children used concrete materials in maths to help develop their understanding of ratio and proportion. They then used what they had learnt to solve tricky word problems involving ratio and proportion.

Learning about Friendship

For their topic on friendship in PSHCE, the Year 2 children read the story The Rainbow Fish. This story reminded the children about the importance of sharing with their friends. They discussed what makes a good friend and included qualities such as being caring, kind, respectful and a good listener.

Year 6 Learn About Fairtrade

In geography, Year 6 have been looking at Fairtrade. Children completed some research and created their own Fairtrade chocolate bar. This week we analysed and discussed how radio adverts use persuasion for effect; the next task will be to write a radio script to promote the chocolate bar!

Drama in Year 4

Children in 4R really enjoyed their drama session this week. The children practised and performed in front of the class and voted for the best act. Well done!

Lower School Cooking Club

The focus for this week’s cookery club was on making a savoury snack, a spring roll. The children selected the vegetables for their filling and added a sprinkle of spice before mixing the flavours together in a bowl. They placed the filling onto a filo pastry sheet, and then rolled it to form the spring roll. Voila! Ten minutes in the oven and the children took home a delicious hot snack, perfect for the end of a wet autumnal day!

Girls’ Cross Country Competition

The Years 3 – 6 girls’ cross country teams ‘ran their socks off’ in the Hall School cross country compeition. In what was very testing terrain, the children tried their hardest and gained a great deal of experience. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, their performances did not quite get them into the top three in their respective year groups. Well done, girls!

Geographical Explorers in Assembly

Class 5O performed their assembly, entitled ‘Let’s all be Geographical Explorers’, to an enthralled audience. Throughout the performance, the children showed everyone that we all have the power to have a positive effect on our planet if we are willing to have a go. The children quizzed the parents and children about their knowledge of many geographical facts and terms, including those that they have learnt about in geography lessons. They performed a rap that encouraged and reminded us to reduce, reuse and recycle. Mr Baker accompanied the class in their own rendition of a Coldplay song. It was a very informative and entertaining morning. Well done, 5O; great work!

Lower School Recognition

En Garde!

As the end of term edges closer, the children in the Upper School fencing club took part in a competition that they umpired themselves. Some excellent play from all our young fencers.

Fencing Competition Winners

It’s Beginning to Feel a lot like Christmas!

Excitement is growing here at PHS! Children in Year 3 enjoyed decorating the Christmas tree in readiness for the Christmas fair on Saturday. Please remember to come along to the Upper School between 10:00am – 1:00pm.

After School Clubs

A circular notifying parents of the club choices for next term has been sent out. Please note that you should reply using the e-form by midnight on Monday 26 November.

Christmas Treats for the Children

On Monday 26 November, Theatre Tots will be visiting the children in Nursery and Reception to present a Christmas-themed drama workshop. The cost per child will be £5.00, which will be charged on the invoice for next term’s fees.

On Thursday 6 December, Years 1 and 2 will be going to the Polka theatre to see The Wind in the Willows. The tickets will be paid for by the school, however parents will be asked to pay the cost of the coach. The cost will be £5.00 per child, which will be charged on the invoice for next term’s fees.

There will be A Midsummer Night’s Dream workshop and performance for the children in the Upper School on Monday 3 December. The cost per child will be £5.00 which will be charged on the invoice for next term’s fees.

Year 5 Girls – Orchard House Football Festival

Please note that the OHS football festival on 30 November is now being played on astroturf, rather than grass. The girls will therefore need to wear astro trainers rather than football boots.

Sports Results

Year 4 boys football v The Study

‘A’ team lost 1-0

‘B’ team won 5-1

‘C’ team drew 1-1

Year 5 girls netball v Unicorn School

‘A’ team won 22-4

‘B’ team drew 3-3

‘C’ team lost 3-1

Year 3 girls netball v Falcons Girls

‘A’ team won 3-0

‘B’ team drew 0-0

‘C’ team lost 3-1

Year 2 girls netball v Falcons

‘Blue’ team drew 0-0

‘Red’ team lost 3-0

‘Pink’ team lost 3-2

‘Purple’ team drew 0-0

Year 2 girls netball v The Merlin

‘Blue’ team drew 0-0

‘Red’ team lost 1-0

‘Pink’ team lost 6-3

‘Purple’ team won 1-0

Year 6 girls netball v Falcon Girls

‘A’ team won 6-0

‘B’ team lost 5-1

Year 5 girls netball v Ursuline Prep

‘A’ team lost 3-2

‘B’ team lost 3-1

‘C’ team lost 7-0

Upper School Recognition

Future dates

Saturday 24 November

PROFS Christmas Fair: 10:00am – 1:00pm

Monday 26 November

Theatre Tots visit Nursery and Reception

Wednesday 28 November

Nursery dress rehearsal: 11:00am

Thursday 29 November

4S class assembly: 8:45am

Year 2 Southwark Cathedral concert

Friday 30 November

Nursery Christmas concert: 11:00am

Monday 3 December

Final week of clubs

Shakespeare Theatre group visit the Upper School

Tuesday 4 December

Reception dress rehearsal: 10:45am

Wednesday 5 December

Reception production: 10:45am

Thursday 6 December

Years 1 and 2 trip to the Polka Theatre

Friday 7 December

Year 1 Carol Concert: 8:45am

Recognition this Week

Each week in assembly children are recognised for achievements in the classroom and in the areas of music, computing, art and sports. This week the following awards have been made:

Nursery L

Jasmine Meescombe

Nursery V

Lucy Rudd

Reception H

Joshua Douglas

Reception W

Florence Hayllar

Year 1M

Joao Barcelos-Bueno

Year 1R

Lachie Wilson-Papps

Year 2B

Freddie Kaye

Year 2F

Alex Wiliams

Year 3C

Lulu Wallis

Year 3H

Sofia Thompson

Year 4R

Akshika Khosla

Year 4S

Sophia Bristow

Year 5O

Allegra Kelly

Year 5S

Jacob Sharp

Year 6C

Srishti Jha

Year 6G

Fergus Manz





Tuesday 20 November

To the parents of children in Year 2

Barnardo’s Advent Carol Concert

Wednesday 21 November

To all parents

No homework weekend

Wednesday 21 November

To the parents of children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2

After school clubs – Spring Term 2019

Wednesday 21 November

To the parents of children in Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6

After school clubs – SpringTerm 2019

Thursday 22 November

To the parents of children in Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6

Carol service

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MK Hodge 23 November 2018