Prospect Post
Harvest Festival

On Friday, the school came together to celebrate the Harvest Festival (whilst in pyjamas for mufti day!). The children considered what harvest means to them and looked for words that they could find from the letters of  HARVEST, such as ‘rest’, ‘eat’ and ‘share’. As always, we were blown away by the generosity of the donations that were given; so thank you to everyone! The donations will now be taken to the Ace Of Clubs homeless shelter in Clapham, where they will be very gratefully received. 

A Working Lunch for Members of the School Council

Last Friday, the School Council team enjoyed a delicious lunch with Mr Hodge. The children took the opportunity to discuss a number of their ideas about ways to improve the school, and they enjoyed conveying their thoughts and opinions in response to Mr Hodge’s probing questions. The lunch meeting was a big success and the team can’t wait to put some of their ideas into action!

Stone Age Day

Year 4 had a wonderful time during Stone Age Day. The day was filled with exciting activities and the workshop leader even gave the children the opportunity to look at artefacts from the period, including a genuine mammoth tooth and a flint hand axe dating back to the Mesolithic period. Both children and teachers added to the occasion by wearing suitably primitive costumes.

Orchestral Afternoon
On Monday, Mr Baker accompanied some musical children from Years 5 and 6 to King’s College School, Wimbledon for an afternoon of music making. Prospect House was one of nine schools taking part. 
The brass, wind and string players rehearsed separately before uniting to form a 100-strong orchestra for a final practice and post-tea concert.
The children very much enjoyed the afternoon (especially the biscuit-eating section) and the musical experience gained will have been valuable.
Year 2 Trip to Gunnersbury Park and Museum

On Thursday, Year 2 children visited Gunnersbury Park Museum. Under the guidance of Mistress Jane Birch, maidservant to historical diarist Samuel Pepys, the children recreated some of the conditions and sounds of the Great Fire of London. They found out how the fire started and why it spread so quickly, and then, donning aprons, mob caps and waistcoats, they learnt what life was like as maids and footmen in a Victorian kitchen. A wonderful day was had by all and we would like to thank the parent volunteers who helped us on this trip.

Mummification in 3C

Combining drama and history, children in 3C have acted out the mummification process! They have been learning about each stage of the process, from washing the body, removing organs and then placing amulets between layers of linen. The stages were all clearly performed as the children demonstrated their excellent knowledge. A particular well done should go to Max, who volunteered to play the part of the pharaoh …

Violin Concert and Suzuki Violin Lessons
On Tuesday, our new Suzuki violin teacher Miss Clemson, along with four of her non-PHS pupils, gave a delightful concert to children in Reception and Year 1.
The young performers were confident and poised, and the audience was highly enthusiastic in its response. The highlight for many was the individual plucking in ‘Pop goes the Weasel’!
If anyone would like to start Suzuki lessons, please contact the school office.
Radnor House School Maths Challenge

On Tuesday, six of our Year 6 mathematicians competed in an exciting Maths Challenge at Radnor House School. They took part in a variety of different problem-solving challenges. The competition was fierce and the Prospect House team members were very proud to finish in second place, losing to the victorious team by just one point. Well done, young mathematicians. Keep up your impressive efforts. Go, Prospect, go!

RW Bring a Relative to School to Read

This week, it was the turn for children in Reception W to share their favourite reading books with their parents, relatives and carers. Thank you to all those who attended the Reception W bring-a-relative-to- read afternoon.

NV - Picnic In The Hollow

Nursery V children were very excited to host a picnic for their parents last Friday. In preparation, they created special geode sun catchers to hang up in The Hollow, from objects of nature they had previously collected. The children loved showing parents their creations as well as enticing them into joining in with some of the activities they undertake in The Hollow. Due to the adverse weather conditions, the picnic lunch had to be eaten in the hall rather than outside; but the rain did nothing to dampen their spirits! Thank you to the parents for joining us.

Cardboard Creations

On Thursday afternoon, Class 5O, along with a few of the children’s parents, embarked on a creative adventure … of the cardboard kind! It was great to see the different groups brainstorming ideas, forming strategies and then working together to achieve their goals. There will hopefully be further creative opportunities for the class during the year.

Pyjama Mufti Day
Winter School Uniform

After the half-term holiday, all children in Reception to Year 6 should return to school in their winter uniform. Girls may choose to wear trousers, instead of culottes, should they so wish. These are available from Sogans.

Sports Results
Year 5 boys football v Oliver House
‘A’ team drew 0-0
‘B’ team won 3-1
Year 3 Girls Netball Tournament

Showing skill, agility and perseverance, the Year 3 girls played very well in their first tournament. The ‘A’ team won their group, having beaten Old Vicarage (2-1), Ursuline (1-0), Falcons (3-0) and losing to Orchard House (1-0). The ‘B’ team won all their matches: Orchard House ‘B’ (3-0), Ursuline ‘B’ (2-0), PHS ‘C’ (4-0), Falcons ‘B’ (2-0) and Unicorn (3-0); they topped their group and also came away with gold medals. The ‘C’ team beat Orchard House ‘B’ (4-0), drew with Falcons ‘B’ (0-0) and Unicorn (0-0), and lost to PHS ‘B’ (4-0) and Ursuline ‘B’ (1-0), finishing a creditable third in their group. It was a superb afternoon of netball. Well done, girls!

Year 3 Boys PHS Football Festival

Well done to the Year 3 boys who played at the PHS football festival. The ‘A’ team won all five of their matches in the ‘A’ tournament, whilst the ‘B’ team won two, drew two and lost one in the ‘B’ tournament; also playing in the ‘B’ tournament, the ‘C’ team lost four and drew one of their matches.

OPRO Visit – Compulsory Mouthguards

This is a reminder that OPRO will be visiting the Upper School on Tuesday 5 November. If you wish your child to have the opportunity to obtain a properly fitted mouthguard at a reasonable cost, please follow the following steps:

  1. Log on to
  2. Click the red box in the centre of the page to order mouthguard (BUILD MY OPRO using the correct colour below).
  3. Complete your child’s details.
  4. Choose the mouthguard design you require in a mid-impact.
  5. Request the appropriate colour according to your child’s year group: White for Year 2; Black for Year 3; Mid-Blue for Year 4; Red for Year 5; Gold for Year 6
Future Dates

Monday 21 October – Friday 1 November


4 November – 8 November

Art Week

Tuesday 5 November

OPRO dentist fitting (Years 2-6)

Wednesday 13 November

Parents’ Evening*

Thursday 14 November

Flu immunisations (Reception – Year 6)

Parents’ Evening*

  • Please note: after-school clubs will not run on Wednesday 13 and Thursday 14 November due to parents’ evenings.

All current circulars and messages can be seen in the secure section of the school’s website. Please always report any difficulty in logging in to the secure area to the school office, or to the email address shown on the website:

M K Hodge 18 October  2019