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Clubs News

Clubs are back in full swing! The school has been a hive of activity now that all the after-school clubs have started; these include, for the first time, M:Tech and Boxercise.

Yoga Club

The children have made an excellent start in their yoga lessons. This term, we shall be focusing on partner work, communication, breathing techniques and strengthening. The children will also learn many of the popular poses involved in yoga and create some of their own. It promises to be a fun and relaxing term. 

Debating Club

Debating club got off to a flying start with rounds of ‘Just a Minute’. We then learnt about the purpose of debating and the stages involved, including a few technical terms. After being put into teams (proposers and opposers), the children formulated their arguments to debate whether children should or should not be allowed to bring in cakes to celebrate their birthdays. As you can imagine, this topic was hotly debated. In future weeks, the children will devise their own list of motions. 

Ballet Club

In LEGO Construction club this week, the children’s challenge was to build something to help the LEGO man cross the river! Working collaboratively, the children produced a variety of ways for ‘Fred’ to make a safe crossing; they built a bridge, a speed boat, a helicopter and an aeroplane. All were successful and Fred succeeded in staying dry!

Craft Club

In craft club this week, the children had fun completing off their hand puppets. They have been working on these since the beginning of term and the finished puppets look great, beautifully decorated as they are with google eyes and felt pieces. The children are now going to create some wonderful 3D ocean scenes, using wood.

M:Tech Club

Over the course of the year, the children will be learning how to use technology to create a wide range of music. This term’s project is based on producing a soundtrack to a short wildlife film; the children have had good fun so far.

Chess Club

Chess club members have thoroughly enjoyed their session this week. Within minutes of entering the classroom, pairs and groups were immersed in chess games while those who were new to the club discussed tactics and played with their teacher. Beginners were also coached by their peers, who were happy to go through rules and strategies. Just before going home, Miss Rosario quizzed the children about the history of chess. Max was particularly knowledgeable!

Homework Clubs

Upper School children have been hard at work! The children have the opportunity to discuss their homework and attempt challenging extension tasks, with the support of Miss Sargood and Ms Lane. Working in a calm, quiet environment has been very beneficial to the children; having homework completed before going home is also a real bonus!

Board Games Clubs

There was the usual competitive yet collaborative atmosphere in board games club this week, as the children worked on their logic, strategy and teamwork skills to play a variety of board games together. The two favourites on this occasion were Connect Four and Game of Life!

VR/Non-Vr Club
In our weekly NVR and VR club, we will be exposing the Year 6 children to a wide variety of question types and exam formats. We will be working through examples with the children and using a range of resources to aid their problem-solving and visualisation skills. It is our aim to familiarise the children with as many different types of NVR and VR questions as possible so that they are fully primed to achieve their potential in any NVR or VR test they choose to attempt.
Year 6 Drama Workshop

Year 6 children were very lucky to experience a drama workshop led by the talented Mrs Brann. They needed to wrack their brains to come up with characters and storylines. Teamwork and communication were key in helping to create collaborative stories; the children had a tremendous time bringing characters and settings to life. Thank you very much, Mrs Brann!



Year 3 Trip to the British Museum

Year 3 had a fantastic day at the British Museum. The children spent the morning exploring the mummy exhibitions and spotting artefacts they had studied in class. In the afternoon, they took part in a brilliant workshop in which they took on the roles of archeologists, as they explored items that were found in ancient Egyptian tombs. 

Reading Buddies

Year 3 and Year 6 buddies got together this week during our weekly Thursday morning reading session. Year 3 children brought along their reading books and the children spent the session taking it in turns to read and discuss the stories.


Unfortunately, we have experienced a few technical problems when updating the children’s Mathletics accounts. In some cases, this has necessitated a change of username and password. For those children whose accounts have been updated, they will receive a new sign-in card from their teachers by Monday 23 September.

Second-hand Uniform Sale
Donate your used uniform now!
The next scheduled used uniform sale will take place on Tuesday 8 October (details to follow).  Please leave your freshly washed uniform donations in the foyer of either school from now until Friday 4 October.
The winter term sale will take place in February and we kindly ask that if you miss this donation window that you hold onto your used uniform until the next donation drive.
Please donate any children’s shoes that you no longer need to the Albaraca Nursery. There is a box inside the entrance to each building, which will be there until Friday 27 September.
Phonics talk

Thank you to all the Nursery and Reception parents who joined us on Wednesday for the phonics and early reading talk. We hope you found this beneficial and that you now feel more confident when helping your children with reading and letter recognition at home. Your audience participation was wonderful. Happy reading, from the Early Years Team!

Sports Results
Year 6 football v Roche school
‘A’ team won 4-3
‘B’ team lost 3-2
‘C’ team lost 3-1
IAPS Heads' Conference

I will be away next week on Thursday 26 September and Friday 27 September, attending the IAPS Heads’ Conference. Ms Lane will be deputising in my absence.

Year 5 trip to Kew Gardens

On Thursday 26 September, Year 5 will be visiting Kew Gardens. The children will be travelling by public transport, departing school at 9:00am and returning by 3:15pm. Please provide a snack in a disposable container. A packed lunch will be provided. The cost of this trip is £7.60 per child, which will be charged on the invoice for next term’s fees.

Upper School Recognition
Lower School Recognition
Future Dates

Thursday 26 September

Year 5 trip to Kew Gardens

Tuesday 1 October

Year 1 trip to Legoland

Saturday 5 October

Open morning

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M K Hodge 20 September 2019