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Journalist Writing Workshop

On Tuesday, Miss Sutherland took a small group of Year 5 and 6 children to a journalistic writing workshop. Led by acclaimed author Matt Whyman, the children interviewed observers in a variety of cases and wrote up superb newspaper reports. We clearly have some budding journalists in our midst! 

Happy Historians

During history this week, the children in Year 4 have been learning all about Stonehenge. They have even created a mini-version of this monument in class. 

Maths Olympiad

Last Friday, four Year 6 girls attended a Maths Olympiad and Enrichment Day at Smallwood Primary School. They had a brilliant time solving problems and asking questions; in fact, they won first prize for asking the best questions! A fantastic time was had by all and they even met the world’s most interesting mathematician, Dr Sophie Carr.

Relaxing Yoga

Lower School Yoga club, have been practising the poses they have learnt thus far. The children had to roll a die and form a corresponding position. The children have also been learning a new breathing and mindfulness technique – Bubble Breaths – which focuses on picturing happy thoughts within bubbles; they have then used real bubbles to assist with taking large controlled breaths. Namaste!

Maths and Measurement
Year 5 children have carried out measurement investigations both in class and outside in the playground. They have also converted a wide variety of measurements from one unit to another and have solved a number of challenging problems.
ICT in Year 1

Year 1 children have been practising sequencing the events of stories about journeys, and learning to program a Bee Bot by developing simple algorithms. Their goal is to program the Bee Bot to travel to certain events in the correct order. They are beginning to recognise bugs in their algorithms. Well done, Year 1!



Diwali Lanterns

In RE this week, Year 1 has been learning about Hinduism and Sikhism. One of the festivals that both religions celebrate is Diwali, and the children have made lanterns for this Hindu festival of light. 

Upper School Concerts

The Upper School was treated to two concerts this week. Many congratulations to all the performers, many of whom were playing in public for the first time.

Year 3 Decorate the Christmas Tree

This morning Year 3 made an eager start to the festive season, by singing along to Christmas carols in the hall. They took great delight in decorating the Prospect Christmas tree, ahead of the Christmas Fair tomorrow morning.

Sports Results
Year 2 girls netball v Falcons School for Girls
Pink team won 7-0
Black team won 1-0
Purple team won 3-0
Year 5 girls netball v Harrodian
‘A’ team won 10-0
‘B’ team drew 2-2
‘C’ team lost 2-1
Year 4 girls netball v Ursuline
‘A’ team won 4-3
‘B’ team lost 3-1
‘C’ team lost 3-0
Year 6 boys football v Eaton Square
‘A’ team won 6-4
‘B’ team won 2-1
‘C’ team lost 2-1
Year 3 boys football v Eaton Square
‘A’ team won 3-0
‘B’ team won 4-0
‘C’ team won 2-0

Prospect House school was delighted to find out that, although they just missed out on the Top 50 cricketing prep schools, they have been listed in the ‘Highly Commended’ category in The Cricketer School Guide 2020’. There were a record number of applications and the school was proud to hear the news from what is regarded as the World’s No.1 and best selling cricket magazine. 

Upper School Recognition
Lower School Recognition
Future Dates

Saturday 23 November

PHS PA Christmas Fair: 10:00am – 1:00pm

Thursday 28 November

Nursery dress rehearsal: 11:00am

Friday 29 November

Nursery performance: 11:00am

Monday 2 December

Final week of clubs

Wednesday 4 December

Reception dress rehearsal: 10:45am

Thursday 5 December

Reception performance: 10:45am

Friday 6 December

Year 6 class party

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M K Hodge 22 November 2019