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Art Week in the Upper School

Years 3 and 4 (Wednesday) and Years 5 and 6 (Friday) were visited this week by the artist and inventor, Darcy Turner. It was wonderful to see and learn about Darcy’s various inventions, and then to work together in groups to create sculptures. Made from weatherproof wire and silver ribbon, pupils used machines invented by Darcy to develop their ideas from start to finish. We are delighted with the results, which will be displayed around the school.

The workshops were challenging, energetic, exciting, lively … and really good fun! It is terrifically encouraging to see the children all engage so enthusiastically in this artistic pursuit, and we are looking forward to showing off all our efforts at the Take One Picture exhibition on Monday 11 November.

Thank you to Darcy Turner for two wonderfully creative days. 

Take One Picture

We have had a most creative time in the Upper School this week. The children’s lessons have been themed around the painting, Men of the Docks, by George Bellows. 

A wide variety of learning opportunities has been taking place around the school, such as learning about the Titanic (Year 3), making nets of pirate ships (Year 4), forming human ships (Year 5) and investigating floating and sinking properties (Year 6), to name but a few.

In addition to these activities, children have been busy putting together their imaginative pieces of work for the Take One Picture exhibition.  

We look forward to welcoming you to the exhibition. There will be two available viewings: Monday 11 November (3:30pm–4:30pm) and Tuesday 12 November (8:15am–9:00am).


Art Week in the Lower School

Romany Wood-Robinson has been our artist-in-residence this week. Before half-term, the children were asked what came to mind when thinking about Putney Riverside. Some children mentioned landmarks such as Putney Bridge and the annual boat race. Romany used inspiration from Men of Docks together with the children’s ideas to help create a collaborative piece of artwork with the children in the Lower School.

Nursery and Reception children weaved ribbons to construct the background. Year 2 children produced the bridge using felt bricks of different sizes, learning about how to place the bricks to show perspective in the picture. Year 1 children cut felt shapes to form trees and boats; they also twisted pipe cleaners to make people in the rowing boats and added detail such as the street lamps on the bridge. The end result looks absolutely amazing – the children should be so proud of their work. Please come and see the finished artwork in the exhibition on Monday 11 November (3:00pm-3:45pm).

Lower School Art Competition

Many congratulations to the winners of the Lower School Art Competition.

Upper School Art Competition Winners

Congratulations to the winners of this year’s Upper School Art Competition.

Sports Results
Year 4 football v Ibstock Place School
‘A’ team drew 3-3
‘B’ team won 5-1
C team drew 4-4
Year 6 football v Ibstock Place School 
‘A’ team lost 5-0
‘B’ team lost 6-0
Year 4 Prospect House Football Festival

This proved to be an exciting afternoon of football, involving a number of evenly matched teams.  Although the ‘A’ team ended with three draws and two defeats, their general reading of the game improved as the festival progressed. Continuing their good form so far this term, the ‘B’ team passed the ball impressively as they won three and and drew two of their matches. The ‘C’ team, meanwhile, playing in the ‘B’ team tournament, impressed with their grit and determination, finishing with three draws and two narrow defeats. 

Northbrook Giftwrap
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Should you have any queries, please get in touch with Samiea Asif (
Lost Property

Two named blue PE tops have been lost. Please check your child’s belongings.

Lower School Recognition
Upper School Recognition
Future Dates

Wednesday 13 November

Parents’ Evening*

Thursday 14 November

Flu immunisations (Reception – Year 6)

Parents’ Evening*

Monday 18 November

Individual photos

Saturday 23 November

PHS PA Christmas Fair 10:00am – 1:00pm

*Clubs will not run Wednesday 13 and Thursday 14 November

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