My philosophy on education is simple: a happy child is happy to learn

Headmaster Mr Hodge

Prospect House boy in sharp focus in classroom

Our Ethos

Every child can learn to fly

Our outstanding results repeatedly show that all children can learn to fly, regardless of early learning ability.

Great minds think for themselves; nurturing individuality is at the heart of our teaching. We believe tailor-made teaching opens up young minds to endless possibilities, encouraging them to think creatively and form their own ideas.

Our pupils mostly call it having fun.
We call it being the best they can be.

A full statement of the school’s ethos and aims is available here.

Prospect House art - painting clay sculptures

And every day, everywhere, our children spread their dreams beneath our feet. And we should tread softly

Sir Ken Robinson

Ethos in Action

Close relationships nurture individuality

Prospect House School shaking hands

Prospect House School was formerly a family home and retains a happy, welcoming atmosphere, starting at the front door where the headmaster or a senior staff member greets each child by name every morning.

Currently we have approximately 310 pupils and a staff ratio of 1:7 allows each child a great deal of individual attention. In the early years there are three teaching adults in each class and higher up the school small sets for maths and English allows very focused teaching. Additional small group and 1:1 sessions are commonplace.

Our extensive extra-curricular activities allow teachers and pupils to interact in a more informal atmosphere outside of the classroom. Bonds between staff and children are strong.

Our school is a place where every child feels valued and gains the confidence to fly.

Prospect House nurturing independence

Educational Philosophy

No two children are the same

Every child learns differently. Accordingly we embrace different teaching methods including Montessori (for our younger children). The freedom to refine and utilise different methods, combined with small class sizes, allows us to tailor our teaching approach to each individual child.

Life is co-ed and our children benefit from being in an environment where girls and boys learn from each other.

This dynamic is particularly beneficial when we set children challenging tasks, or encourage them to work (and play) in teams.

Importantly they are taught that effort is important and always appreciated. That not all mistakes are negative, but are a positive sign that they are being challenged. Not being afraid to make a mistake increases learning and achievement.

Explore our philosophy further and read about Critical Thinking and Nurturing Self-Confidence.

We constantly monitor progress to see how our children are doing and where we can best support them. Our Gifted and Talented programme gives children gifted in a particular discipline their own personalised plan of development. We also offer Learning Support to children when a learning difficulty is suspected or detected.

Prospect House prep school Putney - pastoral care

Pastoral Care in Action

Pastoral care comes first

Children blossom when they feel secure, happy and valued. We put huge store on pastoral care to ensure every pupil gains the confidence to achieve their personal best.

No child has any doubt their teachers will lend a safe and sympathetic ear to their issues. 

Our buddy system helps newcomers through their early days, and we encourage older children to support younger pupils, instilling a sense of responsibility.

The school’s house system encourages teamwork and a competitive spirit, allowing children to celebrate their own success as well as the achievement of others. Whole school events and charitable activities foster a sense of pride in belonging to a wider community.

We give our pupils the skills to achieve their personal best and go on to lead fulfilling and successful lives. In short, we teach children to fly.

Prospect House Early Years lego

Early Years

A vibrant, stimulating environment

The children begin their learning journey in a safe, secure and friendly environment. Using a range of child-initiated and teacher-led activities, we instil a love of learning in our youngest children. Our Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) team of experienced teachers creates a vibrant, stimulating environment that enables children to grow in confidence and to learn in a fun and engaging way. Each class is taught by a qualified teacher with two assistants; expert specialists also teach music, French, gymnastics and PE. 

In Nursery and Reception, we follow the statutory Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, and incorporate some elements of the Montessori philosophy within this. In the EYFS curriculum, there are three prime and four specific areas of learning:

The prime areas of learning:

  • Communication and language
  • Physical development
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development

The specific areas of learning:

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design

Children are encouraged to be independent learners in both the classroom and the outdoor learning environment. Our children are active learners, always positive and fully engaged in all they do. Using a cross-curricular approach, activities are planned and delivered based on half-termly topics. These topics are further enhanced with visitors, trips and special themed days.