Prep School

There are many prep schools in South West London. However, there is only one with a village school feel, where your child’s happiness and individualised education are as central to their world as they are to yours.

Why is happiness so important?

At Prospect House, we see happy children succeeding on their own merits, at their own pace – because they are happy. Often beyond their own expectations.


The journey begins

The Early Years Foundation Stage, which comprises of Nursery and Reception, is the beginning of our children’s learning journey. Here there is a focus on developing curiosity and enquiring minds where children explore and discover through play. One of the key elements of the EYFS is free flow learning – activities in and out of the classroom, this includes our forest school area.

The activities, both indoors and outdoors, are geared to reflect the 7 areas of learning in the EYFS:

  • Communication and language
  • Physical development
  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the world
  • Expressive arts and design

Alongside these areas the children are also taught French, gym, P.E. and music by specialist teaching staff, as well as elements of the Montessori philosophy.

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About our curriculum

Your child will expand their knowledge, skills, opportunities and confidence through our lessons and activities at our prep school in Putney.

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PE and sport

We focus on sport for all, giving every child the opportunity to take part. Our children have the opportunity to experience both individual and team sports, and where appropriate professional athletes visit the school to inspire a love of sport.


Music is a hugely important part of our school life, and we ensure every child is able to learn music and enjoy participating in musical activities, whatever their ability. These include our choirs, school orchestra, popular musicals and music trips.

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Performance is integral to developing children’s social and speaking skills, giving them the opportunity to find their unique voice. We help every child to shine through participating in fun, interactive and engaging lessons and performances.


About our results

While ensuring our children achieve the best possible results is naturally vital, it is not our only concern. Finding exactly the right school for your child to move on to, one that will build up their individual talents, interests and strengths, is key to their happiness, in the short and the long term. We are not a feeder school. We do not prepare children to conform to a set expectation. We bring out their best and find them the best place to continue that progress.

Laying the foundations

Key Stage 1

Whilst learning becomes more structured in Key Stage 1, lessons are practical and interactive, easing the transition from the Early Years and ensuring that the children continue their educational journey with confidence, positivity and independence.

In the mornings, the children are taught maths, English, phonics and guided reading in their own classes, although teaching is differentiated and the children often work in ability-based groups. In the afternoons, a topic-based curriculum enables us to teach the foundation subjects of humanities, science and art in an exciting and engaging way.

Specialist lessons of PE, gym, French, music and computing are also taught throughout the week, and Year 1 have weekly swimming lessons at Putney Leisure Centre. PSHCE, wellbeing afternoons and outdoor learning lessons in The Hollow encourage reflection, socialisation, resilience, problem solving and collaborative group work.

The curriculum is enhanced by visitors and external trips, which are linked to the topics or current themes.

Cementing the knowledge

Key Stage 2

The next stage of the children’s journey is the move to Key Stage 2, which starts at Year 3. Whilst English and maths remain priorities, we believe that our children benefit from a well-rounded education, every subject is headed by its own coordinator to ensure that each discipline receives equal oversight, investment and care.

Our curriculum consists of English, Maths, Art and D&T, Computing, French, Games, Geography, Gym, History, Latin, Music, PE, PSHCE, Reasoning, RPE, Science.

With greater maturity the children gain a higher level of independence, allowing them the opportunity to take on more responsibility in and around the school.

In Year 5, there is an increased emphasis on preparing the children for the 11+ examinations that take place in Year 6. From interview practice to exam techniques and familiarisation our children are wholly prepared.

Following the 11+ examinations in Year 6 the focus is on enrichment and the transition into secondary school and they leave us ready for their next adventure.


Term dates

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