Our nursery children join us at age 3 for the best start to their education. Situated on Putney Hill in South West London, in what would have been a substantial family home, our nursery is warm and homely.


A happy beginning

There are numerous nursery schools in South West London and choosing the right nursery for your child is a decision no parent takes lightly. Adaptable, approachable and always free to talk, we aim to be the best possible place for each individual child, by really getting to know them and their family. Then encouraging their development feels natural, in an atmosphere of comfort, colour and fun.

We understand parents are looking for more than just closeness to home or work. Closeness matters, in many more vital ways. It’s feeling connected to the natural world, and the people we share it with. It’s having the sense of security and freedom to explore, discover and ask questions about anything and everything.

It’s also feeling a sense of belonging within a close community of other families, at a school that cares about each and every child. The all-important relationships we build with parents are all centred around the child, their happiness and individuality.

Playful independence

When you walk into our Early Years classrooms, you will see children happily engaged in small tasks and selecting their own activities in different learning zones. Whether indoors or outdoors in our dedicated Early Years playground, skilled practitioners work alongside each child to naturally encourage learning, strengths and interests. Quite simply, it is a place where your child develops their confidence whilst feeling safe and having fun.

Our aim for all our children to discover the wonders of the world through exploration, play and fun.


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Individual development

What is best for each particular child is always our priority, so families can choose from either half day or full day sessions. Our academic focussed lessons are in the morning with projects and consolidation work in the afternoons. Children staying for a full day session will, of course, be provided with a hot lunch cooked on-site.


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Independent learning and exploration

At Prospect House we incorporate elements of the Curiosity Approach and Montessori ideals into our classrooms with self directed activities, hands-on learning and collaborative play. Using a range of child initiated and teacher led activities, we install a love of learning in our youngest children.


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