Aims and ethos

Child-centred, with communication and wellbeing at the heart.

Nurturing individuality is at the heart of what we do

It opens up young minds to endless possibilities, encouraging them to think creatively and form their own ideas – while having fun.

We believe in working as a team, and actively encourage a close relationship between parents and our staff to ensure your child is a happy and successful learner. Sharing information gives us a deeper insight into the wellbeing and progress of each child, and our open-door policy means we’re always available to discuss any concerns that arise.

Children blossom when they feel secure, happy and valued.

We help your child thrive at school and beyond through exceptional pastoral care. It’s extremely important to us that we nurture every pupil, and give them the confidence to achieve their personal best.

We offer our children an exceptional education. Our teachers encourage our children to be independent thinkers, both inside and out of the classroom.