Aims and ethos

Child-centred, with communication and wellbeing at the heart.

Nurturing independent thinkers to develop confidence and curiosity

Our aim is to open up young minds to endless possibilities, encouraging them to think creatively and form their own ideas – while having fun!

We believe in working as a team, and actively encourage a close relationship between parents and our staff to ensure your child is a happy and successful learner. Sharing information gives us a deeper insight into the wellbeing and progress of each child, and our open-door policy means we’re always available to discuss any concerns that arise.

Children blossom when they feel secure, happy and valued. We help your child thrive at school and beyond through exceptional pastoral care. It’s extremely important to us that we nurture every pupil, and give them the confidence to achieve their personal best.

We offer our children an exceptional education. Our teachers encourage our children to be independent thinkers, both inside and outside of the classroom.


School Values

Our vision is to empower every child to strive for excellence so they discover their strengths, develop empathy so they relate to others with compassion and understanding, and to foster a lifelong love of learning as part of the Prospect House family. We therefore have five core school values.

Respect : to respect the opinions of others; to value and celebrate differences; to learn from others

Community : to know that we are part of a team; to understand that we have a responsibility to contribute to the wider community; to actively promote sustainability

Kindness : to be a good friend; to be mindful of others in our words and actions; to show compassion to all

Resilience : to be confident to take risks and make mistakes; to adapt perspective and persevere when challenged; to take time to think about the best way forward

Aspiration : to aim high; to achieve our full potential; to understand that hard work and effort will pay off

Each week the children who embody one or more of these values are nominated by staff members and recognised in assembly with one nominee receiving the Prospect House values badge to wear for the following week. In addition, the badge holder and all the nominees are invited to join Mr Hodge for hot chocolate in his office during morning break!