Our community

With the child at the centre of every decision we make.

We believe in working as a team, and encourage a close relationship between parents and our staff to ensure your child is a happy and successful learner.

Sharing information gives us a deeper insight into the wellbeing and progress of each child, and our open-door policy means we’re always available to discuss any concerns that arise.

Parents are encouraged to support their child’s learning, and we give guidance on how best this can be achieved. Parents are invited to regular parents’ evenings and open mornings, sports days, concerts, class assemblies and theatrical productions. Parents can also join in their child’s class to share special events or celebrate a religious festival.

Thanks to our parents’ association, the PPA, we have a friendly, close-knit and supportive school community that extends a warm welcome to all.

School houses

The strong unifying house system is embedded throughout the school to encourage community spirit, good manners, friendship and a sense of belonging.

Parents’ association

Where our families come together to work for the good of the school and the community.


Our philosophy is to support each individual to live with purpose, to encourage a love of learning and to act as a team. All of this is underpinned by a quality standard that runs through everything we do.

Dukes Education

Prospect House is part of Dukes Education. Click below to learn about the benefits of being part of this extraordinary family, and read about our governors.

Wellbeing and pastoral care