School policies and reports

Please find our key policies and reports below. If you have any questions, then please feel free to contact us. ISI Report 2022


How we’re inspected

We are routinely inspected by the ISI (Independent Schools Inspectorate). The inspection team evaluate every aspect of our school as well as observing the quality of our teaching and learning.

In our last inspection, conducted in February 2022, they concluded that achievement and learning are excellent throughout the school. They observed that our children’s attitudes to learning are excellent and that they take pride in both their own achievements and the success of others.

Our children were considered to be well-organised and industrious in their studies. They listen hard and are keen to take part in any class activity, whether it is answering a question, suggesting a new idea or carrying out independent research.


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The ‘little gem’ in Putney that parents fear too many others discovering.

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Review – March 2023

The Good Schools Guide

“Irrepressibly and infectiously cheerful, this is a joyous school. Pupils, polite and bubbly, speak with true love and affection for their school. Great team, well captained.”


School policies

Absence of Staff Policy (2023-2026)

Accessibility Plan (2023-2026)

Admissions Policy (2023-2026)

Aims and Ethos Policy (2023-2026)

Allergies Policy (2023-2026)

Anti-Bullying Policy (2023-2026)

Attendance, Absence and Registration Policy (2023-2026)

Before & After School Clubs and Weekend Events Policy (2023-2026)

Behaviour and Discipline Policy – appendix (2023-2026)

Behaviour and Discipline Policy (2023-2026)

Complaints Procedure for Parents Policy (2023-2024)

Curriculum Policy (2023-2026)

Digital Usage Policy (2023-2026)

Digital Usage Policy – appendices (2023-2026)

Disciplinary, Capability and Dismissal Procedures (2023-2026)

Duty Rotas and Supervision Policy (2023-2026)

English as an Additional Language (EAL) Policy (2023-2026)

Equal Opportunity and Cultural Diversity Policy (2023-2026)

Fire Policy (2023-2026)

Fire Policy – Lower School appendix (2023-2026)

Fire Policy – Upper School appendix (2023-2026)

First Aid Policy (2023-2026)

First Aid Policy – appendix (2023-2026)

Handwriting Policy (2023-2026)

Health and Safety Policy (2023-2026)

Health and Safety Policy – appendix (2023-2026)

Marking and Feedback Policy (2023-2026)

Marking and Feedback Policy – rationale and research (2023-2026)

Missing Child Procedure Policy (2023-2026)

Parents’ Privacy Notice

Pastoral Care Policy (2023-2026)

PHSET Privacy Policy

Prospect House EYFS Staff Qualifications and Ratios (2023-2024)

Recruitment Policy (2023-2026)

Risk Assessment Policy (2023-2026)

Risk Assessment Form (2023-2026)

RSE Policy (2023-2026)

Safeguarding Policy (2023-2024)

SEND Policy (2023-2026)

SENDA and Accessibility Plan Policy (2023-2026)

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development Policy (2023-2026)

Staff Code of Conduct (2023-2026)

Staff Equal Opportunities, Anti-Bullying and Anti-Harassment Policy (2023-2026)

Staff Grievance Policy (2023-2026)

Suppliers’ Privacy Notice

Teaching and Learning Policy (2023-2026)

Toilet Training Policy (2023-2026)

Whistleblowing Policy (2023-2026)