Great Fire of London Workshop

29th November 2023

Year 2 had a fantastic day during their Great Fire of London workshop, immersing themselves in life during 1666. Their journey began on Cheapside Street, where they were introduced to the different jobs they would undertake during the day. They moved from candle making to...

Year 5 Science Museum Adventure

28th November 2023

On Tuesday morning, Year 5 made their way by tube to the Science Museum. Upon arrival, they took part in two interactive experiment shows, one of which focused on chemical reactions and catalysts and another of which delved into the exciting field of rocket science....

Lower School Christmas Tree

27th November 2023

We are well into the Christmas season and celebrations are underway! Children in the Lower School decorated the Christmas tree earlier this week, carefully hanging the baubles and draping the tinsel! We are all looking forward to other Christmas activities in the week ahead!

Nursery Christmas Production

24th November 2023

Christmas came early when Nursery performed their Christmas concert, aptly named ‘A Jolly Christmas’. Inspired by Allan Ahlberg’s The Jolly Christmas Postman, the post people delivered seasonal greetings from all across the world. With the children singing a selection of festive songs from various nations,...

Year 2 Crayon Day

23rd November 2023

Year 2 had a fantastic day immersing themselves in the characters of the crayons from the book The Day the Crayons Quit. The children worked very hard to plan and write a letter as one of the crayons, explaining their reasons for quitting their jobs!...

Year 4 Maths Day

22nd November 2023

Year 4 has been working hard on understanding decimals this week. They have learnt to compare, order, round and add and subtract with decimals. On Wednesday, they worked in pairs to develop their understanding of rounding decimals to the nearest whole number. Well done, Year...

Year 3 Wellbeing Walk

21st November 2023

Year 3 students went on their first nature walk this week on Tuesday afternoon. They donned their welly boots and embarked on an adventure across the Heath. The children were excitedly chatting, splashing in puddles, running through the grass, bird watching and admiring the pond....

Problem Solving Day

14th November 2023

On Tuesday, all of the children in the Upper School took part in an entire day of problem solving. The aim was to further familiarise the children with a variety of problem solving strategies as well as modelling and encouraging methodical and systematic thinking and...

Happy Diwali!

12th November 2023

On Sunday, Hindu people around the world will celebrate Diwali, the Festival of Light. In assembly this week, the children learned about the history of Diwali. Mr Suri and Miss Zugel talked about the traditions that take place on this day and how families come...