Clubs and activities

Broadening your horizons.

School Clubs

We aim to make learning an exciting adventure, full of opportunities for personal development, achievement and enjoyment. We want to provide an education for life, giving our students the knowledge, skills and values they need to create their own successes as thoughtful and confident individuals in the world beyond.

Our dynamic and inspirational staff offer over 40 different clubs each term, catering to a wide range of interests. The variety and quality of the club provision encourages the learning and development of new skills, with club planning taking each child’s needs into consideration. Children build positive relationships with staff and often develop friendships with children in other year groups.

Alongside our staff-led clubs we also run a programme of activities provided by external, specialist instructors and teachers. These allow pupils to extend their skills, making use of Prospect House’s exceptional facilities and the depth of knowledge from the expert leaders.

Example Clubs Schedule

Monday am : Judo (Y1 & Y2) and Chamber Choir (Y5 & Y6)

Monday pm : Little Tigers (Nursery) Cricket (R – Y2), Lego (R – Y2), Cooking (R – Y2) Circuits (R – Y2), Craft (R – Y2), Mini-Performers (R – Y2), Craft (Y3 – Y6), Football (Y3 – Y6), Drama (Y3 – Y6), Homework (Y3 – Y6), Comic Book (Y3 – Y6) DIY/Upcycling (Y5 & Y6) and Board Games (Y3 – Y6)

Tuesday am : Judo (Y3 – Y6)

Tuesday pm : Little Tigers (Nursery), LAMDA (Y1 & Y2), Fun Crafts (R – Y2), Board Games (R – Y2), Folk-Dancing (R – Y2) Construction (R – Y2), Coding (Y3 & Y4), Cricket (Y3 – Y6), Crossfit (Y3 – Y6), Digital Photography and Movie-Making (Y5 & Y6), Detective Agency (Y3 – Y6) and Chess (Y5 & Y6)

Wednesday am : Running on Putney Heath (Y2 – Y6)

Wednesday pm : Little Tigers (Nursery), Multi-Sports (R – Y2), Maths (Y1 & Y2), Around the World (R – Y2), Clay Modelling (R – Y2), Gymnastics (R – Y2), LAMDA (Y5 & Y6), Tennis (Y3 – Y6), Homework (Y3 – Y6), Rounders (Y3 – Y6), Strength and Conditioning (Y3 – Y6) and Drawing (Y3 – Y6)

Thursday am : Fencing (Y3 – Y6), Football (Y3 – Y6 girls only) and Rugby (Y5 & Y6)

Thursday pm  : Little Tigers (Nursery) Drama (R – Y2), Tennis (R – Y2), Art (R – Y2), Sewing (R – Y2), Computing (R – Y2), Touch-Typing (Y3 – Y6), Tag Rugby (Y3 – Y6), Chess (Y3 & Y4), Yoga (Y3 – Y6), Netball (Y3 – Y6), Debating (Y3 – Y6), Origami (Y3 – Y6), LAMDA (Y3 & Y4) and Multi-Sports (Y3 – Y6)

Friday am : Fencing (Y1 & Y2) and Orchestra (Y5 & Y6)

Music, drama and performing

Music, Speech and Drama and all of the allied performance skills are hugely important to us at Prospect House, as it ought to be. Presenting and public speaking is a life skill and the children have many opportunities to shine.

Starting in Nursery, as it is important to develop from an early age, we continue to provide platforms for the children to participate in productions, assemblies, music concerts, ensembles, poetry recitals and debates. This allows children to stand before other people, overcome their nerves and speak with confidence and purpose. It is not all about being at the front and having the leading role – this isn’t for everyone – it’s all about having a go, finding your voice and being part of a team.


Each summer term, all children in the Upper School go on a school away journey to a residential centre with their year group.

These residentials are an important part of the curriculum of Prospect House and the children undertake a variety of new activities and team-building challenges, such as abseiling, raft-building and orienteering. Our wonderful staff lead by example and each subsequent journey is designed as a progression from the previous one in terms of distance away and activities involved.

Year 3 – 2 nights away at Flatford Mill, Suffolk
Year 4 – 3 nights away at Hindleap Warren, Sussex
Year 5 – 4 nights away at Wareham, Dorset
Year 6 – 5 nights away at Rockley Point, Poole

In addition to these residential trips we have recently introduced a week-long Year 6 ski trip to Les Menuires, France.


Residential trips, day outings, internal and external workshops, and visiting performers all enhance and embed our curriculum learning. Pupils are out and about in London throughout the year, visiting the museums, galleries, and historical sites which we are very lucky to have on our doorstep.

Over the last couple of years, the places our students have visited include Kew Gardens (Y2), Gunnersbury Museum (Y2), Westminster Cathedral (Y3), Legoland (Y1), Wimbledon Synagogue (Y4), the Natural History Museum (Reception), Hobbledown Farm (Nursery) and the Science Museum (Y1 & Y5).

At school we host regular workshop days, some of which are for specific year groups and some are aimed at the whole school. Recently, these have included Ancient Egypt (Y3), problem-solving (all), the Stone Age (Y4), djembe drumming (Y2), the Great Fire of London (Y2), Ancient Rome (Y3), online safety (all), Shakespeare (Y3-6) and computer coding (Y6). For our more able students, we are involved in a number of programmes often featuring invitation-only external workshops on topics such as poetry writing, problem solving, chess and spelling.