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Welcome to Prospect House

Every child’s potential develops more readily when they feel safe, valued and happy. I am delighted our pupils thrive in the warm atmosphere of Prospect House where humour and laughter go hand in hand with serious study.

Years of teaching have taught me that every child is great at something. At Prospect House we celebrate these strengths, encouraging children to excel. Every small success leads to greater confidence and self-belief.

We have high academic expectations for all of our pupils and place great value on effort, ensuring that they have the necessary tools to succeed.

A notable percentage of our pupils gain scholarships. All go on to prestigious senior schools armed with the enthusiasm and self-confidence which is the hallmark of a Prospect House pupil.

I can honestly say our children love coming to school and I warmly invite you to come and meet me, my team and our pupils.

Please telephone 020 8246 4897 or email registrar@prospecths.org.uk.

Michael Hodge

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Tatler 2020

Tatler Schools Guide 2020

Prospect House featured in Tatler magazine’s Schools Guide 2019.

‘Pupils are astonishingly self-aware at PH, with one seating, ‘I think everyone feels very fortunate to go to this school.’ Parents are delighted with Head Michael Hodge, and Mr Lennox in the nursery is ‘outstanding’, accord­ing to one parent whose daughter, despite having moved up the school, still pops to his classroom most days to say hello. Fitbits are the craze du jour and a Forest School is in the pipeline. Sports Day is a yearly highlight, as is gingerbread decorating at Christmas time. Leavers move on to Putney High and Latymer Upper, as well as a handful of Surrey schools’. (Tatler 2020)

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Children have their say

Feedback from the people who really matter

“There is so much more to school life than lessons. We have movie night, pyjama day, book week and so much more”
Emma – 7 years

“The teachers are very kind. They let your imagination run wild and you are able to be creative”
Josh – 9 years

“Music is the best thing about PHS. People play all kinds of instruments and even in lessons there are so many different things you can try, I like percussion and guitar”
Juris – 8 years

“I never feel lonely here at all; there will always be someone by your side to help out and look after you”
Jacqueline – 9 years

“There are so many matches and so many sports to try. I love going to the games field”
Tom – 7 years

“I like Prospect house because you work hard but feeling like you have had fun”
Annabel – 10 years

“I love Prospect House because I feel like it is a big family of kind people. All the teachers are the parents and the students are the brothers and sisters”
Jolie – 9 years

“PHS is a place where mistakes are proof that you are trying. Teachers push us to be the best we can be”
Caroline – 11 years

Parent quotes

Feedback from parents

“Prospect House is a school that fosters happiness and respects individuality. After almost five years as a parent here, I have witnessed how the PHS ethos translates beautifully into confident children who enjoy learning and achieve their very best. This school is a gem and I cherish it as much as my two sons.”
Mrs Vitols

“A huge thank you from us, too, for everything you have done for our two girls. From the fantastic teaching (honestly, second to none), outstanding music and the wonderfully nurturing atmosphere, to the brilliant productions and all the trips they’ve enjoyed, the girls have benefitted so much from their time at PHS. We feel so blessed that they’ve had such an amazing
experience of primary school, and I’m not sure who feels more bereft at the prospect of leaving, [our daughter] or us.
Mr and Mrs Beggerow

Latest News

This week at Prospect House School

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- Art Week in the Upper School



Years 3 and 4 (Wednesday) and Years 5 and 6 (Friday) were visited this week by the artist and inventor, Darcy Turner. It was wonderful to see and learn about Darcy’s various inventions, and then to work together in groups to create sculptures. Made from weatherproof wire and silver ribbon, pupils used machines invented by Darcy to develop their ideas from start to finish. We are delighted with the results, which will be displayed around the school.

The workshops were challenging, energetic, exciting, lively … and really good fun! It is terrifically encouraging to see the children all engage so enthusiastically in this artistic pursuit, and we are looking forward to showing off all our efforts at the Take One Picture exhibition on Monday 11 November.

Thank you to Darcy Turner for two wonderfully creative days. 


- Art Week in the Lower School



Romany Wood-Robinson has been our artist-in-residence this week. Before half-term, the children were asked what came to mind when thinking about Putney Riverside. Some children mentioned landmarks such as Putney Bridge and the annual boat race. Romany used inspiration from Men of Docks together with the children’s ideas to help create a collaborative piece of artwork with the children in the Lower School.

Nursery and Reception children weaved ribbons to construct the background. Year 2 children produced the bridge using felt bricks of different sizes, learning about how to place the bricks to show perspective in the picture. Year 1 children cut felt shapes to form trees and boats; they also twisted pipe cleaners to make people in the rowing boats and added detail such as the street lamps on the bridge. The end result looks absolutely amazing – the children should be so proud of their work. Please come and see the finished artwork in the exhibition on Monday 11 November (3:00pm-3:45pm).