Tatler 2019

Tatler Schools Guide 2019

Prospect House featured in Tatler magazine’s Schools Guide 2019.

‘Head Mr Hodge (aka ‘ the Hodgemaster’) is settling well. Parents are beside themselves with praise for the seamless transition and how ‘he has filled his predecessor’s shoes as if they were made to measure’. Although sports facilities could do with a spruce and a school minibus wouldn’t go amiss, according to one parent, our mole was blown away by the sheer amount of IT kit – there are MacBooks in every classroom and each pupil in Year 5 and 6 has their own iPad. Pupils win places at London’s top day schools and there were six academic scholarships last year. This cosy south-west London prep school is ticking all the boxes – genuinely non-selective, plucky staff (special mention to Mr Baker the marvellous music teacher) and no hothouse pressure. Where do we sign up?. (Tatler 2019)

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Prospect House School computing

Our Ethos

Every child can learn to fly

Our outstanding results repeatedly show that all children can learn to fly, regardless of early learning ability.

Great minds think for themselves; nurturing individuality is at the heart of our teaching. We believe tailor-made teaching opens up young minds to endless possibilities, encouraging them to think creatively and form their own ideas.

Our pupils mostly call it having fun.
We call it being the best they can be.

A full statement of the school’s ethos and aims is available here.