Year of entry calculator

Find out which year your child should start school

We’re here to make finding and choosing the right school for your little one as easy as possible, starting with their year of entry.

Our school is a rich community of families from all over the world. Working out when your child should be starting nursery or school can be a challenge, whether you’re joining us from home or away. So we’ve created this handy tool to help. Our Nursery children join us when they are what we call ‘rising 3’, so the September after their third birthday. Children in Reception join us the following year when they are ‘rising 4’ in the September after their fourth birthday.

Simply enter your child’s birth date into the calculator below and it’ll show you which year your child should be starting. If you’re looking for an occasional place (a place to start in any year group above Reception), the table below will show you which year group your child should be in during each calendar year.

Child's date of birth

Your Child Start school in

Nursery in
Reception in

Geade Level Year of Entry

School Stage Year Group Year of Entry
EYFS Nursery / Kindergarten
EYFS Reception
KS1 Year 1
KS1 Year 2
KS2 Year 3
KS2 Year 4
KS2 Year 5
KS2 Year 6

Next steps

Now you know which is the right year of entry for your child, you can register them via the button below to add them to the waiting list for your chosen year of entry. We’d also love to see you at one of our open days, or for a private tour of the school. Click here to book a visit, or contact to speak to start your journey with a chat with our Head of Admissions.


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