Together we’re extraordinary

Prospect House School joined the Dukes Education family in early 2020. Dukes is a family of schools, teachers, learners, and parents connected by our pursuit of an extraordinary life for every member of our community. Our philosophy is to support each individual to live with purpose, to encourage a love of learning, and to act as a team. All of this is underpinned by a quality standard that runs through everything we do. We believe that education is a journey to be enjoyed and shared at every stage of life, unlocking extraordinary possibilities for every student.

When you join Prospect House, you join the Dukes family too. Being part of the Dukes Education family has benefits. There are programmes and opportunities available to your children that wouldn’t otherwise be possible from a single school. For example:

Dukes debating

A chance for children to develop their critical thinking and communication skills by participating in debates on important topical issues.

Poetry Together

A beautiful initiative where children memorise a poem and then meet with elderly citizens to share poetry over afternoon tea.

Dukes diploma

Awarded to Year 11 and Year 13 students who complete independent learning and super curricular enrichment activities.

Along with excellent academic results and personal development, this additional qualification enhances our students’ skills in the eyes of universities and employers.

Excursions and events

Opportunities for excursions and events with students from other schools. This could include humanitarian trips, or cultural and sporting tours to other countries.

Professional governance

Dukes Education has gathered some of the leading educational minds onto it’s board of directors and educational advisory board. Prospect House benefits from the expertise of Libby Nicholas, Mark Bailey, David Goodhew and others.

Libby Nicholas

ex Head of South Hampstead High, Education Director for GDST, CEO of a large multi-academy trust.

Professor Mark Bailey

ex Headmaster, St Paul’s Boys.

David Goodhew

Head at Latymer Upper