Our curriculum


An exceptional education

Our bespoke curriculum is designed and delivered to be intellectually exciting, academically engaging and imaginatively stimulating. It is a great honour to help shape the young minds of tomorrow, and we work tirelessly to make sure Prospect House pupils leave is with the courage, confidence and creativity they need to thrive at senior school and beyond.

For us, academic excellence is a given. Nurturing individuality is really at the heart of what we do. It opens up young minds to endless possibilities, encouraging them to think creatively and form their own ideas – while having fun. Our teachers tailor their classes so every child can excel. Below, you can read in more detail about how we teach each subject in our wide ranging curriculum.  Core subjects are complemented by a wide range of arts, languages and humanities, as well as a keen focus on sport and P.E.


A love of reading is at the very heart of English at Prospect House. From your child’s earliest days at school, we foster their enjoyment of literature and encourage them to take joy in discovering new vocabulary. As well as appreciating the writing of others, we also guide our pupils in exploring their own creativity, harnessing the power of their imagination to craft and finesse their own prose. By the time your child reaches Year 6, they will have been supported in becoming a confident, articulate and passionate writer and reader.


Having a strong knowledge of the fundamentals is key to becoming a successful mathematician. Our approach moves from the concrete to the practical and finally to the abstract. By giving children something physical that they can get their hands on, they develop confidence and a greater understanding, which leads to higher achievement.

Children are encouraged to investigate mathematical principles and reason logically. Problem solving strategies are modelled in lessons and opportunities to apply these strategies include our annual Problem Solving Day, maths challenges and our interactive problem solving walls.

Our children are supported to make the best possible progress; they enjoy maths and achieve very high standards.

Verbal reasoning

Verbal Reasoning practice at Prospect House School begins early – in Year 3, we introduce the children to the rudiments of each skill tested later in 11+: word and letter patterns, vocabulary, spelling, number patterns, and problem solving.

Non-verbal reasoning

From the beginning of Year 3, the children of Prospect House School are exposed to non-verbal problem solving and reasoning involving shape similarities and differences, matrices, analogies, patterns, hidden shapes, reflections, rotations, folded shapes and codes.


Our approach to science is designed to stimulate your child’s natural curiosity in the world around them. Our varied and inspiring curriculum, gives them plenty of opportunities to get involved in a wide range of investigative activities.

Art and design

We embrace every child’s individual sense of creativity, developing their imagination, expression and confidence through art and design. Our art and design projects and gallery and museum visits are influenced by both old masters and contemporary artists.


We take an energetic and creative approach to the teaching of computing and embrace the learning needs of our 21st century children. As a result, our children become digitally literate and learn how to use the Internet safely, respectfully and responsibly.



Using geography, we help your child understand the ways in which our planet is continuously being shaped, and how it affects the way we live today and might live in the future. They enjoy learning practical skills through hands-on activities.


Our history lessons bring the past to life, and help children learn important skills, such as assessing evidence, making balanced arguments and reaching supported conclusions – all skills that are valuable in adult life.


We teach French to our children from age three to help them communicate confidently in another language, and to enable them to discover an entirely new culture and world.


We believe it is important to foster an interest in classical civilisations from an early age. Our year 5 and 6 children enjoy and learn a great deal from the logical processes required to decipher and translate Latin text.


A spirit of tolerance, empathy and respect for others lies at the heart of everything we do. Our PSHCE teaching includes personal, social, health, citizenship and economic aspects of learning and is an integral part of our school life.

Religious education

Our religious education lessons explore pictures, books, religious artefacts and films. We promote respect and a deeper understanding of religious diversity, and encourage personal reflection and spiritual development.

Early Years Foundation Stage

Nursery and Reception follow the Early Years Foundation Stage. This ensures that your child begins their learning journey in a safe, friendly and happy environment. We use a range of child initiated and teacher led activities to instill a love of learning in our youngest children.

Outdoor learning

We believe that every child should experience the world beyond the classroom as an essential part of learning and personal development. So we’ve designed our classrooms to allow for secure indoor-outdoor freeflow education.