The heartbeat of Prospect

When walking around the school, at any time of day, the chances are that the corridors will be filled with the faint sound of children singing or playing instruments.

Our longstanding director of music is a former head cathedral chorister and it is no wonder that singing plays a large part in the life of a Prospect House pupil. The children are taught to sing properly from an early age and expectations are high, with attention to detail. Year groups sing together each week and there is a senior choir for all children in Years 5 and 6, plus an auditioned chamber choir for the best singers in the school.

There are currently 14 peripatetic music teachers at the school and a wide range of instruments are taught. The majority of children learn at least one instrument. There are a number of ensembles, including a large orchestra in which all the instruments listed above feature.

Prospect House is proud of its record of music scholarships and exhibitions gained by departing Year 6 pupils. All children, though, are actively engaged and encouraged, whatever their ability. Amidst the hard work, a healthy sense of humour and fun is deemed an essential part of the lessons.