PE and sport

Helping pupils to achieve the very best

On the ball

Sport has always been a central part of life at Prospect House School. To enable sportsmen and women to compete successfully, they need to be given a sound foundation and expert tuition. In order for each child to find the sport he or she does best, they should be provided with a full range of opportunities. For a child to do well in sport, they need to have talent, but they also require motivation, enjoyment and focus. All of this is encouraged from an early age at Prospect.

Sport, of course, plays a key role in developing life skills. Teamwork, communication, testing ourselves to the limit, maintaining concentration and stamina are all important. It is also essential to keep them healthy as they grow. The skills developed at an early age can provide each individual with the ability to stay fit and healthy throughout life.

For the team sports our boys play Football in the autumn term while the girls concentrate on Netball. In the spring term it is hockey for both and the summer term the boys and girls play Cricket and take part in Athletics. In PE lessons all children do Gymnastics.

All boys and girls, regardless of ability, take part in a very busy fixture list against other Prep Schools in the area in all sports from year 2. These experiences are invaluable in forming bonds with their team mates and teaching them to be gracious winners and good losers.