The children in Nursery were so excited to go on their first school trip: Hobbledown Farm. It was a glorious day as the children explored the farm and all of the creatures that lived there. The children got up close and personal with a variety of the inhabitants, from a hands-on meet and greet with a goat and a tortoise, to an enclosure walkthrough of the wallabies, capybaras and maras, lemurs and lorikeets! After lunch, the children played a group game of I-Spy, ticking off all of the creatures on the list that they could see around the farm. To round off a wonderful day, the children participated in a ‘What the Ladybird Heard’ treasure hunt, whereby they had to search for ladybird cards in the sand to exchange for a prize (bottle of bubbles). A fantastic day was had by all. A special thanks to Mrs Alkadhi and Mrs Xie for accompanying us on the trip.

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