A warm welcome from our Headmaster

Prospect House is a unique and happy place where children and staff alike want to be. When you walk through the door you feel a sense of belonging; I believe that this is what makes us stand out and so special.

I believe that an outstanding educational experience encompasses not only the academic curriculum, but also includes wellbeing, developing confidence, self esteem and happiness. At Prospect House we value these elements equally. Years of teaching have taught me that every child is great at something. At Prospect House we endeavour to enable every child to discover and utilise their strengths, develop empathy so they can relate to others with compassion and understanding, and to foster a lifetime love of learning through enjoying and engaging with all aspects of school life.

As the Headmaster of our school, I am tasked with the responsibility to develop and guide the next generation of teachers and it is my hope that I am able to help them become the best that they can be. A great teacher makes a difference to a child’s life and it is our responsibility to be great.

I have always said that if in 20 years from now one of the many pupils that I have taught says, ‘Mr Hodge, he made a difference’, I will have achieved my goal.

Michael Hodge

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