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Wellbeing and pastoral care

Looking after yourself and others.

The pastoral care and wellbeing of the children is our highest priority. A warm and nurturing environment along with the excellent relationships between the children and the staff means that no child has any doubt their teachers will lend a safe and sympathetic ear whenever they may need it.

In the Lower School, we run DOTS sessions to teach children about their personal, social and emotional development, developing their resilience and thinking skills. The children learn methods to help them self-regulate when experiencing a range of emotions.

In the Upper School, through the twelve-week Paws b mindfulness curriculum, children learn about specific areas of the brain and how to recognise when their bodies or minds feel busy or out of balance. The children explore how mindfulness practices can support them in daily activities including emotional self-regulation, concentration and relationships. Children in Year 6 continue to build upon their learning in the .breathe sessions. These sessions are designed to support children around key transition periods, such as the one from primary to secondary school.

For children who would benefit from more specific support, we offer 1:1 sessions with staff qualified in Level 2 Child Counselling. These sessions use a variety of play and art therapy techniques, designed to give children the space to talk and explore their emotions in a safe and comfortable environment. We have a special ‘wellbeing’ room within the school where these sessions take place.

We give our pupils the skills to achieve their personal best and go on to lead fulfilling and successful lives.