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Prospect Post
A Message from Mrs Belshaw

It has been a busy week in the Lower School! The week started off with a sea of colour for Brighten Up the Day mufti on Monday, putting everyone in a cheerful mood! Should we start every week like this? Just a thought!  

As I visited classrooms this week it struck me at how rich and varied the curriculum is here at Prospect House. Whether children are making Guatemalan Worry Dolls, designing superhero capes, creating leaf patterns in The Hollow, learning about gravity, making marks in a Gruffalo-inspired role play area or learning about Eid and painting sunset colour washes, activities are meaningful and concrete experiences. And the biggest thing that stands out? The children are happy, working together, and engaged in their learning … it is an absolute pleasure and privilege to walk around the school every day and see all this in action. 

Have a safe and restful weekend. 

Diversity Competition Winners Lower School

Well done to our Diversity Competition winners in the Lower School. We had so many fantastic entries to the competition, and it was so great to learn about all the children’s different backgrounds. From traditional dances to full on recipe making with tutorials, we had such a range. It has been brilliant to celebrate diversity in the Lower School, and we thank everyone for all their hard work!


Year 6 Team Tower Experiment

The children in Year 6 took a break from the rigours of their 11+ preparations to take on Mr Parkinson’s engineering activity. The children were required to construct a free-standing structure using only 30 pieces of spaghetti and mini marshmallows. The aim was to build, in 25 minutes, the tallest structure that was able to support the weight of a larger marshmallow. 

There were many different designs, some successful and others not so successful. It was lovely to see the children having so much fun.


Fairy Bread Year 1

Year 1 had a great time following five instructions to make fairy bread. They worked well with their partners to read and follow the instructions carefully. The children added one more instruction to the list and that was ‘Eat it!’ Maybe they can show you how to make fairy bread at home!

Year 5 Science Experiment

The budding scientists in 5S conducted an experiment this week into how sound travels. Using paper cups and string, they identified how sound travels through particles to their ears. 

Nursery Gruffalo Yoga

Nursery enjoyed practising their Yoga in The Hollow by retelling the story, The Gruffalo. They sequenced the order of the characters and had fun stretching out and breathing in the different characters’ poses. 

Guatemalan Worry Dolls
Superhero Invasion in Year 1

The Lower School had a superhero invasion as Year 1 created their own superhero capes. In science, the children have been experimenting with materials.  After conducting their experiments and collating their data, they have come to the conclusion that plastic decorations would be the best to use. Make sure to keep an eye in the sky as the glue dries and our superheroes take to the sky! 

2W and the Green Wall

2W continued with the planting of our herbs and bulbs for our ‘Green Wall”. They enjoyed exploring the different scents each herb released and carefully planted bulbs in preparations for spring. They also continued discussions about the benefits of our green wall for the local environment and us. 

Year 2 Science - Gravity

This week in science, Year 2 started exploring forces, including push, pull and twist. We discussed what gravity is and then experimented with the effects of gravity on a ball by increasing the height of the ramp using books. We made sure our test was fair and talked about the variables or things that changed. The children had such a lovely time working in groups and exploring this concept as well as recording them results accurately. Just look at the excitement!

Year 1 Sacred Elephants

In RPE, Year 1 have been learning about Hinduism. The children have enjoyed making their own sacred elephants and decorating them with various patterns and jewels to show how important this animal is for Hindu people.

The Hollow - Making a Leaf Picture
Harvest Festival Collection - A Message of Thanks from Ace Of Clubs

We want to extend our utmost gratitude for all of your efforts during this year’s Harvest Festival. We were initially concerned that we would struggle to bring in the amount of donations that we need due to the current circumstances, but all of our partners have put in a real effort to gather donations for us. Every year, our storeroom shrinks in size as we make good use of our provisions and the Harvest Festival functions as our big ‘yearly shop’, as we mostly rely on these donations to supply our food and other provisions. Everything we receive is indispensable in allowing us to support the most marginalised in our community.  It was a pleasure to meet some of you, and I hope we can continue our partnership into the future.  


Brighten Up Your Day in Upper School

The Upper School was a bright and colourful place on Monday with a multitude of coloured outfits.

Lower School Brighten Up with Colour

The Lower school was awash with all the colours of the rainbow for brighten up your day on Monday.


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M K Hodge 20 November 2020