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Prospect Post

The children loved making their own odd socks last week linked to anti-bullying week and were able to discuss what makes them unique. As part of our celebration topic the children were lucky enough to have Ms Lane come in and discuss Chanukah. In maths, the children enjoyed learning how to play ‘Spin the Dreidel’ game. They were introduced to how to halve amounts and loved counting how many coins were in the middle. 

Year 3 - Walk like an Ancient Egyptian

On Tuesday, Year 3 travelled back over 5000 years to the time of the Ancient Egyptians. The school hall transformed into an Egyptian wonderland, full of gods, goddesses, pharaohs, archaeologists and even a mummified cat. In the morning, the children got the opportunity to put their dancing skills to the test by taking part in an Egyptian dance. They then popped their quiz hats on and eagerly completed an Egyptian knowledge quiz. This was closely followed by a lesson on Egyptian measurement. In the afternoon, the children enjoyed watching and learning all about the process of how an Egyptian moved into the afterlife. A fun and exciting day was had by all!

Year 6 - Science

Year 6 has been investigating electrical circuits by building series circuits. Afterwards, we used a Spangler Stick to demonstrate how a highly sensitive circuit is able to detect very small amounts of electricity that travel across your skin.  

Year 3 - Curious Coins

Miss Cross’ maths group worked hard this week whilst learning about money. They compared the values of coins, added them together, converted between pounds and pence, and looked at different strategies to find change. 

Nursery Christmas Concert

The hall was filled with festive cheer when Nursery performed their seasonal concert. A variety of songs were sung, ranging from the traditional Jingle Bells and accompanying hand bell instrumental to the Gallic Quand le Père Noël. The children were amazing and performed with gusto. Bravo, Nursery: a fantastic start to the festivities!


Sports News - Netball Tournament

All the girls have really enjoyed our netball tournaments over the last few weeks; it has been fantastic to see the girls’ development and enjoyment and to see so many schools coming along. The results were

Year 6

A team 2nd place

B team 3rd place

Year 5

A team 2nd place

B team 3rd place

C team 6th place

Year 4 

A team 3rd place

B team 5th place

Year 3

A team 3rd place

B team 4th place

C team 5th place

Year 4 - Finton House Football Tournament

The children played above themselves to produce a wonderful set of results that almost got them to the final of the Finton House football tournament. Having drawn one match (0-0) and then winning the next two matches (2-0 and 3-0), the team went into their final fixture needing to win by 3 goals to get to the final. Having been 2-0 up and looking for the decisive third, the team lost momentum and conceded three goals in three minutes, the only goals they conceded all tournament. In the play off match, the team came back to win 3-0 and should be credited for their wonderful displays all afternoon. 


Judo and Fencing Club - Reception to Year 6

If any child would like to join the judo or fencing club, there are some places still available. Please contact Mr Vedat via email through the school office.

All current circulars and messages can be seen in the secure section of the school’s website. Please always report any difficulty in logging in to the secure area to the school office, or to the email address shown on the website:

M K Hodge 26 November