Prospect Weekly
RM Assembly – People Who Help Us


Reception M celebrated ‘People Who Help Us’ for their class assembly. The audience watched as the children ‘walked to school’ and came across a postman, doctors and nurses, firefighters, police officers and a lollipop man. Well done, Reception M. You performed brilliantly!

Year 5 Visit to Kew Gardens


On Tuesday, Year 5 had an exciting trip to Kew Gardens. While there, the children took part in a brilliant workshop exploring the relationship between art and nature, which involved creating their own representations of a plant variety using oil pastels, pencils and sgraffito sticks. The children thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with these different media. Next on the list was a vist to the Hive, the Treetop Walk and the Palm House, as well as a walk around the impressive array of plants. Everyone enjoyed the trip immensely.

Year 3 – Portals to the Past



Year 3 travelled back to ancient Egypt on Monday. The children were able to consolidate all of their knowledge about life as an Egyptian. They even measured each other using royal cubic fingers as the measurement, just as the Egyptians did all those years ago! The children impressed the presenters and made use of their knowledge of daily life in ancient Egypt in a fun and challenging quiz. They were also able to use their understanding of the mummification process and learnt even more whilst watching a gory performance of a king’s mummification.

Time for Tea in Nursery


This week the children in nursery were looking at the nursery rhyme, I’m a Little Teapot, and what better way to finish off the week than having a tea party? It was a very civilised affair, with children sitting behind their decorated teapot placemats, enjoying the cucumber sandwiches and decorated cupcakes that they had made. All accompanied by a lovely cup of tea!

3D Virtual Viewers Take Learning to Another Dimension 


Year 5 children have been test driving our new 3D technology. They were surrounded by a pride of lions and took a trip down the world’s largest water slide to help spark some wonderful, creative writing ideas. Watch this space…

Year 4 Production

We are looking forward to the Year 4 production of Olivia next week. All tickets requested have been given to the children. If you require any further tickets, please email the office. On both evenings, children will need to arrive at school at 5:45pm in order to prepare for their performances. The children should be collected at 8:15pm.

Clubs will still be running on both evenings, but it is recomended that the children in the production go home at 3:30pm. As the children will have late nights on Wednesday and Thursday, they may come into school later on both Thursday and Friday, but should arrive no later than 10:30am. Any siblings may also be brought in later; however, this is optional.

Reminder – PHS is a nut-free school

We have some pupils at school who have a severe nut allergy. Please do not send any snacks or birthday treats containing nuts into school.

Second-hand Uniform Sale

The second-hand uniform sale will be held on Thursday 22 March.

Lower School – 7:45am – 8:30am

Upper School – 3:00pm – 4:15pm

Sports Results

Year 6 boys hockey v Unicorn School

‘A’ team won 6-0

‘B’ team won 3-0

Year 5 boys hockey v The Hall

‘A’ team won 6-1

‘B team won 7-0

Year 6 girls hockey v Unicorn School

‘A’ team won 9-0

‘B’ team drew 1-1

‘C’ team lost 6-0

Year 5 girls hockey v The Hall

‘A’ team won 4-1

‘B’ team won 3-2

Year 3 girls hockey v Ursuline Prep

‘A’ team won 2-1

‘B’ team drew 0-0

Year 5 Epsom College Netball Tournament


Our Year 5 team was placed in a tough group, in which they lost two matches and won one. In their next game against Knightsbridge, they won convincingly before going on to play Orchard House in the ‘placing’ match. The PHS team were placed 7th overall in the tournament. Well played, girls!

Year 4 OHS Mixed Hockey Festival


Seven Year 4 children enjoyed success at the Orchard House School Mixed Hockey Festival. The team won three matches and drew one, scoring 18 goals overall without conceding any. Well done, everyone!

Year 6 Hockey Festival


The Year 6 children showed their skills at the Orchard House Hockey Festival, winning three matches and drawing one. They scored a total of 22 goals in their four matches. Well played!

Upper School Recognition


Lower School Recognition


Recognition this Week

Each week in assembly children are recognised for achievements in the classroom and in the areas of music, computing, art and sports. This week the following awards have been given:

Nursery L

Alya Buderi

Nursery V

Vivek Sodha

Reception H

Georgia Breese

Reception M

Amelia Millar

Year 1B

Conor Maile

Year 1H

Olivia Fowler

Year 2M

Minnie Dunsire Moore

Year 2R

Anna Barker

Year 3F

David Dooley

Year 3P

Emilia Burke

Year 4H

Samuel Mattinson

Year 4S

Isabella Johnston

Year 5O

Elisabetta Faraoni

Year 5S

Patrick Howe

Year 6G

Sebastian Cheung

Year 6J

Lucy Livingstone

Future Dates

Monday 19 March

Last week of clubs

Tuesday 20 March

Year 4 production dress rehearsal: 1:45pm

Wednesday 21 March

Year 4 production: 6:30pm

Thursday 22 March

Second hand uniform sale: Lower School – 7:30 – 8:30am

Upper School – 3:30 – 4:30pm

Year 2 trip to Gunnersbury Park

Year 4 production: 6:30pm

Monday 26 March

Hooke Court Meeting: 3:45pm

Tuesday 27 March

Bushcraft Meeting: 3:45pm

Thursday 29 March

End of term – Lower School: 12:00pm

End of term – Upper School: 12:15pm





Monday 12 March

To the parents of children in Years 3 – 6

SSE Women’s FA Cup Final – 5 May 2018

Tuesday 13 March

To the parents of children taking musc exams at school

Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music examinations

Wednesday 14 March

To the parents of children in Year 5

Residential visit to Bushcraft Camp, Hatfield Woods –

Monday 23 April – Friday 27 April

Thursday 15 March

To all parents

11+ Examination results for children in Year 6

Thursday 15 March

To the parents of children in Years 3 – 6

Fencing Club

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MK Hodge 16 March 2018