Prospect Post
Nursery Christmas Production

Nursery had a superb time, dazzling the audience with their rendition of Hoffmann’s story ‘The Nutcracker and the Mouse King’ The stage was set with a beautiful Christmas tree, bedecked with the children’s hand-made decorations. The children performed their songs and brought toys to life as the nutcrackers were cranked. Graceful ballet dancers danced to a score by Tchaikovsky and twinkled their bells to ‘Jingle Bells’. No production is complete without comedic antics: this time it was the turn of the mice as they scurried around the stage and performed their songs. The audience was caught up in the festive atmosphere and joined in the grand finale of ‘Feliz Navidad’. It was a truly wonderful start to the festive period.

Spatial Reasoning in Year 4

Year 4 children had the opportunity to use our spatial reasoning resources. The lesson began with playing online games that required the children to visualise and work as a team. Throughout the lesson, they used a range of skills such as trial and improvement to create cubes and pictures using different shapes. The children tested their resilience and learnt a lot using these physical resources and can’t wait to get them out again soon!

Chanukah in Reception

Reception have been learning about different religions and the festivals they celebrate. Ms Lane came to talk about Chanukah and the children had fun learning about the Maccabees and the Hebrew language.  They particularly enjoyed playing with the dreidel and singing the dreidel song.

Masterclass for Able Pupils

We have received some information regarding masterclasses that some of you may wish to investigate. Please see for more information.


Christmas Treats!

On Thursday 5 December, Theatre Tots will be visiting children in Years 1 and 2 to perform ‘A Mixed-up Christmas’ and on Friday 6 December, they will be visiting children in Nursery and Reception to present a ‘The Star that Lost its Twinkle’. The cost per child will be £5.00, which will be charged on the invoice for next term’s fees.

There will be a Shakespeare workshop and performance for the children in the Upper School on Monday 2 December. The cost per child will be £5.00, which will be charged on the invoice for next term’s fees.

Christmas Jumpers

Please remember that you are invited to accessorise your school uniform with a Christmas jumper, hat or headband on Friday 6 December. Adults, you are encouraged to join in too!   

Gingerbread Decorating

This will take place on Monday 2 December in the Lower School and on Tuesday 3 December in the Upper School. Please remember to bring £2 donation for the Albaraca Nursery.

Thank you, PHS PA

An ENORMOUS thank you to the PHS PA fair organisers. I am sure you will agree that they did an amazing job organising a wonderful day. Huge thanks are also sent to all the PHS PA reps and parents who helped with individual stalls, activities, sourcing raffle prizes etc.The fair raised more than £7,500 (last year’s total) and the final total is yet to be confirmed; all proceeds will be donated to the Albaraca Nursery, which will make an enormous difference to the lives of the children there. Thank you, everyone.

Spring Term Games Sessions - Hockey

Children in Year 2 to Year 6 will be playing hockey during their games sessions next term.

Year 2 – Friday,

Years 3 and 4 – Wednesday

Years 5 and 6 –  Monday

It is compulsory to have a mouthguard and shin pads for these sessions. Children will not be able to take part should they be missing those items. We would prefer for your child to have his/her own hockey stick. If, however, you are not able to obtain one, the school will provide your child with one for the term. 

Running Club (Years 4-6) - Parents Welcome!

Parents are welcome to join us for the last running club of the term on Wednesday 4th December for a little trot down to Wimbledon Common. Please meet outside school at 8:00am, ensuring that your child’s bags have been dropped into school first. We will be leaving promptly at 8:00am so please do not be late. We will not be able to wait! 

Save the Date
The annual PHS PA organised Quiz Night will take place on Friday 28 February 2020.  Further details and ticket information will be announced in the new year, but please put the date in your diary! All proceeds to Learn2Love2Read.
Sports Results
Year 6 girls netball v Oliver House
‘A’ team won 19-0
‘B’ team won 5-3
‘C’ team won 3-2
Year 5 girls netball v Falcons
‘A’ team won 5-0
‘B’ team won 3-0
Year 3 girls netball v Ursuline
‘A’ team drew 1-1
‘B’ team drew 0-0
‘C’ team lost 2-1
Year 5 girls netball v Ursuline
‘A’ team drew 2-2
‘B’ team won 3-1
‘C’ team lost 1-0
Year 2 boys football v The Roche
‘A’ team won 5-0
‘B’ team won 6-0
‘C’ team won 2-1
‘D’ team won 3-0
Upper School Recognition
Lower School Recognition
Future Dates

Monday 2 December

Final week of clubs

Upper School: Shakespeare Workshop

Wednesday 4 December

Reception dress rehearsal: 10:45am

Thursday 5 December

Reception performance: 10:45am

Years 1 and 2: Visit from Theatre Tots

Friday 6 December

Year 6 class party

Nursery and Reception: Visit from Theatre Tots

Monday 9 December

Year1 and Year 2: Carols

Tuesday 10 December

Year 1 and Year 2: Carols

Carol Service: 6:00pm

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M K Hodge Friday 29 November 2019