Prospect Weekly
Headline: Author Maz Evans Enthralls the Upper School

The children loved finding out about Maz’s newest novel, Who Let The Gods Out, and dozens of them purchased signed copies of this thrilling book! As soon as Maz entered our school, there was a buzz about the place, and her captivating whole-school assembly had the children and teachers hooked from start to finish. We are very grateful to this talented author for taking the time to visit PHS.

Three Cheers for Legoland!

Year 1 had a Lego-tastic time on Thursday. The children explored the Lego models in ‘Miniland’ and went to a workshop in which they learnt about gears and pulleys as part of their science topic. Highlights of the trip included walking through the Lego Star Wars exhibition and watching a real ninja from Lego Ninjago perform a selection of karate moves. Thank you to all the parents on the trip – your help was greatly appreciated!

Budding scientists!

Year 6 have been investigating the spread and prevention of airborne infections on our sneezing runway. We learnt that sneezing into your hand, sleeve or tissue reduces the spread of microbes significantly, something we all need to do at this time of year!

Extreme Reading Competition

Any children who wish to enter this exciting competition should take a photo of themselves reading in an exciting place over the holidays. This could be on a beach, up a mountain, on the London Eye or even up a tree (with parental permission of course). Please email all entries to and we shall endeavour to show them all in assembly. The very best photo will win a mystery prize. Good luck!

Musical Reception!

Here are some photos of the Reception children in music lessons this week. They are keeping the beat to a song using their fists and feet as body percussion, along with some ‘Boom Whackers’!

Olé, Lower School!

During the first few weeks of Spanish club this term we have been learning about numbers, colours, prepositions and adjectives, and how to introduce ourselves. We have also been discussing our feelings and learning to say how old we are. Our puppet – Pepe – has been helping us!

Lower School House Quiz

There was excitement aplenty on Friday morning as children and teachers alike arrived in their pyjamas all ready for the annual house quiz. Children worked hard together in teams, with five entertaining rounds including one in which they had to match photos to their teachers. Everyone had the most wonderful morning and the winning quiz team was Scott!

Lower School PJs on parade!

Upper School House Quiz

Today’s quiz in the Upper School was a resounding success that saw Johnson emerge as the ultimate victor! With questions ranging from the sublime to the exacting, pupils put their knowledge to the test in categories such as science, geography, maths and computing, history and even America! Thanks for that, Ms Lane!

The rounds were interspersed with physical activities, such as hopping for ten seconds or bouncing a ball on a tennis racquet. By far, though, the highlight of the afternoon was the ‘most interesting party trick’ round, which saw a child reciting the periodic table of elements, à la Tom Lehrer.

If you’re wondering how well you would have done, below is a snapshot of some of the questions posed today, which are definitely not for the faint-hearted!

What was inserted near the nose in order to extract the brain for mummification?

Name a composer whose first and last name begin with the same letter.

Where will the 2018 Winter Paralympics take place?

Which artist famously cut off part of his ear?

What American holiday is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November? Yum! Yum!

Upper School on pyjama day!

Farewell, Mrs McCarthy!

In assembly this morning, we bid a fond farewell to Mrs. McCarthy. She was awarded a well-deserved Book of Recognition for her devotion to Prospect House over the years and the smiles she brought to us all every day. Tears notwithstanding, Mrs. McCarthy graciously accepted her award and gave a heartfelt goodbye to all of the children and staff. She will be sorely missed and there will always be a Mrs. McCarthy-shaped hole at Prospect. We hope that she will find the time to pop back to say hello in the future, as we will miss her dearly.

Year 5 boys tournament


Well done to the Year 5 team who finished third in the St James boys football tournament, beating the hosts 4-0 in the 3rd place match.

Year 4 girls netball tournament

The Year 4 girls played some fantastic netball at our tournament this week. We welcomed five other schools and all the girls enjoyed themselves and were rewarded with bronze medals for the ‘A’ team, gold for the ‘B’ team and 4th place for the ‘C’ team. Well done, girls!

Year 5 boys tournament

The Year 5 PHS football tournament was a great success. The ‘A’ team tournament was won by the PHS ‘A’ team and the PHS ‘B’ and ‘C’ teams finished first and second in the ‘B’ team tournament.

Sports results

Year 5 girls netball v The Harrodian

‘A’ team lost 7-2

‘B’ team won 2-1

Year 4 girls netball v The Hall

‘A’ team won 6-1

‘B’ team drew 0-0

Year 6 girls netball v The Harrodian

‘A’ team won 8-0

‘B’ team won 5-0

Year 4 boys football v Parsons Green Prep

‘A’ team drew 2-2

‘B’ team lost 4-0 (v PGP A team)

‘C/D’ team drew 3-3 (v PGP B team)

Year 2 boys football v The Roche

‘A’ team lost 1-0

‘B’ team lost 2-0

‘C’ team drew 1-1

‘D’ team lost 2-0

Addition to the calendar – School Photographs

Parents are advised that the photographer will be in school on Monday 20 November to take individual photographs and sibling groups.

Winter uniform

Parents are reminded that all children should be dressed in winter uniform when they return after the half-term holiday. Parents of girls in Year 3, please note that the children should be wearing navy blue tights.

Messages from PROFs
Northbrook fundraising

On Monday, 30 October, you will receive the latest Northbrook Wrapping Paper catalague via your child’s school bag. Please hold your christmas wrapping shopping for after then as this year includes some lovely designs. Don’t forget this is a great fundraiser for Profs!

If you can’t wait to see what Northbrook has on offer this year, please check their stock at and if you decide to buy online, please remember to select Prospect House as your beneficiary.

Happy shopping!

Christmas Fair

Please refer to the flyer sent home with your child this week with details of what we need for this year’s fair. The flyer also has the details of this year’s art competition – the closing date is Tuesday, 31 October.

Happy Half Term

I hope you all have a wonderful half-term break, whether you are travelling abroad or staying at home. I look forward to seeing everyone for the final half of this term on Monday 30 October.

Recognition this week

Each week in assembly children are recognised for achievements in the classroom and in the areas of music, computing, art and sports. This week the following awards have been made:

Nursery L

Sophia Knipe

Nursery V

Rebecca Saunders

Reception H

Barend Assen

Reception M

Kitty Fraser

Year 1B

Ariana Nikpay

Year 1H

Henrietta Manz

Year 2M

Thomas Harris

Year 2R

Harry Armstrong

Year 3F

Isobel Chaudhuri

Year 3P

Oliver Turner

Year 4H

Bianco Telo

Year 4S

Sophie Carvell

Year 5O

Sylvie McLean

Year 5S

Clara McLean

Year 6G

Sophie Brittain

Year 6J

Olivia Roshier





Tuesday 10 October

To all parents

Resignation of Mrs Sue McCarthy, appointment of Mrs Gaynor Hazell

Thursday 12 October

To the parents of children in Years 2 to 6

Compulsory mouthguards and optional purchase of hockey sticks – OPRO visit Tuesday 7 November

All current circulars and messages can be seen in the secure section of the school’s website. Please always report any difficulty in logging in to the secure area to the school office, or to the email address shown on the website:

MK Hodge 13 October 2017

Future dates

Monday 16 October to Friday 27 October

Half term

Monday 6 November

Year 2 trip to Museum of London

Wednesday 8 November

Parents’ Evening

Thursday 9 November

Parents’ Evening