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A Message from Mr Hodge Happy Easter To You All

I have been blown away by everything taking place in the Prospect House remote learning community. First and foremost, I would like to thank the amazing staff, who have been nothing short of exceptional. Having spoken to a number of other school heads over the last few weeks, it is clear that Prospect House is truly leading the way in remote learning.

The learning continues 

In the process of watching all the videos that your teachers have been uploading every day, I can safely say that I, too, have learnt a great deal! My phonics knowledge, for one, has come on leaps and bounds. I have particularly loved Miss Fisher’s and Mr Welch’s Monday morning welcome, which has been a real joy to watch. For me, one of the highlights of each day has been popping into the children’s live lessons, where, with great pride, I can see the teachers and children in action.

For this edition, we have selected only a fraction of the amazing work that the children have been doing on a daily basis.

Mr Hodge’s holiday video

This morning I posted a video to each year group’s class folder, in which I talked about some of the activities that I am planning to undertake over the holidays. I have also set a challenge for children and parents. 


Easter Creations

As is tradition in the Upper School, children have spent the final Wednesday of the spring term immersed in the hotly-contested Easter-egg-decorating competition. Always one of the highlights of the year for children and teachers, afternoon lessons were dedicated to making suitably colourful and imaginative oval creations, accompanied, of course, by suitable egg-related puns. I now have the unenviable task of choosing the most egg-ceptional one from each class. 


Mrs Husdon's Challenge and Daily Message

Every morning, Mrs Hudson has been sharing an activity for children in the Lower School to complete. We have picked just a few of the many wonderful pictures that you have been sharing with us. If you have not seen these videos, they are still available in your child’s class folder and are definitely worth watching! Thank you, Mrs Hudson.

A Towering Challenge

On Monday, the children were set the challenge of building a tower using any materials within their home. What shone through from the many photographs sent in was the children’s considerable creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.

Learning in Reception

Reception children went on a 3D shape hunt, learned how to sort books into alphabetical order, and made some bright and beautiful daffodils.

There was also some wonderful Teepee building.


The daily class read in Upper School was a success via Zoom.

Busy, busy in Nursery

In Nursery the children grew rainbows, built a zoo and went on a shape hunt with Humpty Dumpty


PHSPA Quiz Night

The PHSPA Committee are very pleased to report that a fabulous total of £3,301.99 was raised from Quiz Night.A big thank you to the Year 3 Reps for organising such a  fantastic event, to all year groups for the fantastic hampers and all those who attended.  We can all agree it was a great night!

A HUGE thank you to all the parents and staff at Prospect House for your generosity and support! You brilliantly raised around £3,000 at your annual quiz night for the work of Learn to Love to Read. This current health crisis is preventing us from carrying out our usual work in schools – supporting toddlers, Key Stage 1 children and parents. But we know that there will be an even greater need for what we do once things return to normal, especially for disadvantaged children who are likely to receive little input at home over these next few months. We promise we will put the money you have raised for us to excellent use in our partner schools across Wandsworth. 

You may also be interested in our list of ten recommended online resources for parents at home ( However stressful it feels, please know you are all doing an amazing job for your children in very challenging circumstances! And thank you that through the money you have raised you will make a difference to local children who may otherwise struggle to learn to love to read. 

Thank you again, 

Teresa Harris, 

Founder, Learn to Love to Read

Bon Voyage to Miss Street

Sadly, we have to say goodbye to Miss Street, who will no longer be teaching at Prospect House. She has decided to go back into the city where she will work for a company that will use her French skills to liaise with different mining organisations in West Africa. I would like to thank Miss Street for all her efforts during her time at Prospect House, and on behalf of the school I wish her all the best for the future. 


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M K Hodge 1 April 2020