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Year 6 Calculating the nth Term

In Year 6, the children have been creating algebraic expressions to help them calculate the nth term in a wide variety of shape and number sequences. They have also revisited multiplying fractions and mixed numbers and solved many different maths problems. It really is amazing how much you can achieve in a week! Go, Year 6, go!


Year 4 Science

In science this week, Year 4 have been learning about cold-blooded animals. Using the iPads and laptops, the children chose a reptile or amphibian to research. They then had to use their research to create a fact file including drawing and labelling a picture of their chosen animal. As well as learning lots of facts about common cold-blooded animals, lots of new animals were discussed, too!

Year 3 Spatial Reasoning

This week, Year 3 used a variety of spatial reasoning resources to assist them in their visualisation of rotations, reflections and other spatial movements. These are skills which will prove very useful, not only in maths and non-verbal reasoning problem solving but also in everyday life.


Nursery had fun creating their ‘Yoga Mandalas’. They used four different shapes to represent the elements that connect us to the Universe: Earth, Water, Fire and Air. The children placed their shapes in a circular pattern and took different sized breaths for the different sized outer circles, making sure to breathe in through their noses and out through their mouths.


Marvellous Mummies!

This week, Year 3 enjoyed stepping back in time over 5000 years to learn about the intricate process of mummification undertaken by the Ancient Egyptians. The children learnt about the seven steps of mummification and then took great delight in taking part in the wrapping stage of the process. They made sure they followed the instructions carefully and worked together to create a Prospect House mummy.

First signs of Autumn in Reception

Reception children enjoyed going on a conker hunt in the Hollow. They also collected sticks and used their discoveries to make shapes like circles, triangles and rectangles with them

Year Group Ensembles

Year group ensembles have started for Years 4, 5 and 6. The Year 6s and 4s had their first rehearsals today and they played, respectively, Kurt Weill’s ‘Mack the Knife’ and Haydn’s ‘St Anthony Chorale’. It is wonderful to have music wafting around the school again!

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M K Hodge 25 September 2020