Prospect Post
A Special Trip to the British Library

The worthy recipients of the ‘Golden Eggs’ during Book Week were treated to a wonderful expedition to the British Library. Here they explored the treasures of the collection, including some of the most rare and precious books in the world! Inspired by these artefacts, the children then went on to create their own bound book. It was a delight to see the children’s love of literature!

Future Astronauts and Engineers

On Monday, the Upper School was treated to an outstanding assembly by Ms Wheeler and Dr Adam Baker of UK Launch Services Ltd., formerly lead engineer on the Virgin Galactic spacecraft project. Following the assembly, Year 5 designed, constructed and tested their own rockets, made from plastic bottles, and held a competition to see whose rocket flew the furthest while still remaining on a forward trajectory. A huge thank you to Mr Monk, Ms Wheeler and Dr Baker for their generosity in making this project possible.

Year 1 Discover Space

Year 1 had a brilliant day exploring space at the Science Museum. They started off in the flight gallery where one of our children found a photograph and a model of a triplane being flown by her great-great-grandfather!  After this, they explored the Space section, where they were mesmerised by all the rockets, illuminated planets and machines on display. They particularly enjoying studying the full size replica of Eagle – the lander that took astronauts Armstrong and Aldrin to the moon in 1969. After lunch, the children enjoyed a ‘Discover Space’ workshop where they launched themselves into space and carried out a variety of experiments such discovering the best materials to use to dress an astronaut, how objects move in space and how water is reused and filtered. A big thank you to the parents who accompanied Year 1 on this trip. 

The Mystery of Magpie Manor

Many congratulations to the Year 2 children on their magnificent performances in their play, Mystery at Magpie Manor. This Downton-meets-Poirot musical production brought together comedy, song, mystery and a wonderful 1920’s dance routine, to make a scintillating show. We are so proud of the children’s excellent acting skills and brilliant singing. Year 2, you were amazing!

Roman Feast

Year 3 had an exciting afternoon on Tuesday, feasting on many traditional Roman culinary delights. Dressed as Romans, the children enjoyed tucking into foods ranging from juicy olives and crusty bread to sweet dates and delicious homemade ‘dormice’-covered cakes. Once the children had filled their tummies, they washed it all down with some grape ‘wine’. Then, in true Roman style they sat back and watched some entertainment. The children demonstrated a vast array of talents, from guitar and flute ensembles to comedy performances. It was a truly wonderful afternoon, filled with much fun and laughter.

Ugly Bugs

To celebrate the end of their topic, Reception had a wonderful time dressing up as minibeasts for the day. The costumes looked fabulous and the children had a super time dancing at the ‘Ugly Bug Ball’.

Summer Concert

Thursday’s summer concert was wonderful! The performances of the choirs, ensembles and soloists were of the highest quality, and the breadth of talent on display was quite astonishing. Bravo to all concerned!

Sports Results
Year 6 girls v The Roche
‘A’ team lost by 23 runs
‘B’ team lost by 15 runs
‘C’ team lost by 5 runs
Year 4 girls cricket v Ibstock
‘A’ team won by 30 runs
‘B’ team won by 8 runs

Year 6 boys v The Hall

‘A’ team won by 63 runs

‘B’ team won by 65 runs


Year 4 boys v Ibstock Place

‘A’ team won by 43 runs

‘B’ team lost by 5 runs

Wandsworth Schools Cricket

The children are very proud to have made it through to the final eight in the Wandsworth schools cricket competition, after performing very well in the first section. Having won their first three games against excellent sides, the final game was against Belleville School, the only other unbeaten side. When batting, Belleville were restricted by Prospect House, but we then fell agonisingly short in our innings and ended up losing by only five runs. The knock-out stage is after half term. 

Running Club
Mr Vedat would like to say a huge well done this week to all those in running club. He does know know what the children had for breakfast, but a repeat dose next week would be ideal!
There will no running club on the morning of Sports Day.
Year 1 Swimming

Please note that the Year 1 children will NOT be going swimming on Wednesday 12 June, as it is Sports Day.

A Message from Mr Baker

Please note that there will be no chamber choir, orchestra, string ensemble or chamber ensemble in the week beginning 3 June.

Upper School Recognition
Lower School Recognition
Future Dates

Monday 27 May – Friday 31 May

Half term

Tuesday 4 June

Year 4 leave for Hooke Court: 8:45am 

Friday 7 June

Year 5 trip to Kew Gardens

Year 4 return from Hooke Court

Tuesday 11 June

Reception W class assembly: 8:45am

Wednesday 12 June

Sports Day: 1:00pm

Friday 14 June

HST Pet Show

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M K Hodge 24 May 2019