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Saving the World with 1R

Parents and children travelled around the world in 1R’s class assembly. Eddie the penguin and his family went on a mission to save the world! He did this by teaching everyone how important the environment is. The children re-enacted the story through songs and facts they had learned in topic work and during science week. Eddie the penguin and his family met polar bears, scientists and human beings and he even had to meet with Mr Hodge!

The children did an amazing job to remember all their lines and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the assembly. Well done to all!

Science Week Investigative Homework

It seems the entire Prospect community became swept up in Science Week when family members where enlisted to support with the homework to carry out a scientific investigation. Albeit rather messy, it looked like everyone had a fantastic time becoming real scientists and it is promising that we may have some future researchers in our midst.

3C Class Assembly

We learned all about the Romans this week during 3C’s wonderful class assembly. The children debated whether or not Prospect House School should be run by the Romans. In the end, after hearing from many citizens of Ancient Rome, as well as the school council, they decided that it is much better as it is! Well done to all the children for their fantastic performances.

Year 2 Visit the London Wetland Centre

On Tuesday, Year 2 visited the London Wetland Centre in Barnes. Whilst exploring the wetlands, they met birds from around the world and created a fun fact file on their favourite birds. After finding a peaceful pond, the children sketched the scene in front of them, remembering the skills they had learnt in art lessons at school.  Each class took part in a pond dipping session led by staff from the centre. They collected insects and fish using their own fishing nets and used a picture guide to identify what they had found. They then learnt about the life cycle of the insects and fish and each group presented the information to the rest of the class. After lunch, the children walked on the Wild Walk route to reach the adventure playground. They carefully balanced on the wooden beams and enjoyed the wooden bridge that dipped into the water as they walked over it!

Inspirational Artist

The grandmother of a child in the Lower School came to visit the children to speak about her work as an artist. She told the children that the seeds from the Saga tree that grows in Singapore had inspired her throughout her life.  She had learned to count using the seeds as a little girl. Later, the seeds still continued to inspire her artwork. She showed the children photos of the seeds, showing how the seeds were used in the past as a measure to weigh gold bars, as pieces of artwork and as installations.  At Changi airport, you can find a bronze seed sculpture measuring 300x220x200cm! Thank you so much for coming in to see us.

Running Club

Years 4, 5 and 6

Parents are welcome to join the children on a run through the woods for the final session, on Wednesday 27 March. Children and parents should meet the staff outside school at 8:00am and NOT at the field.

Years 2 and 3

Parents are welcome to join the children on a run through the woods for the final session, on Thursday 28 March. Children and parents should meet the staff at the usual drop-off point at the field at 8:00am

Sports Results

Years 5 & 6 girls’ football v St James

‘A’ team won 6-2
‘B’ team won 6-0
‘C’ team drew 2-2
‘D’ team won 5-0
‘E’ team drew 3-3
‘F’ team lost 2-1
Year 4 girls football v St James
‘A’ team won 5-0
‘B’ team won 5-1
‘C’ team won 3-1
Year 6 girls hockey v Harrodian
‘A’ team won 3-0
‘B’ team lost 3-2
Year 4 Production

We are looking forward to the Year 4 production of Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits next week.  All tickets requested have been given to the children. If you require any further tickets, please email the office. On both evenings, children will need to arrive at school at 5:45pm in order to prepare for their performances. The children should be collected at 8:15pm.

Clubs will still be running on both evenings, but it is recommended that the children in the production go home at 3:30pm. As the children will have late nights on Wednesday and Thursday, they may come into school later on both Thursday and Friday, but should arrive no later than 10:30am. any siblings may also be brought in later; however, this is optional.

Lower School Recognition
Upper School Recognition

All current circulars and messages can be seen in the secure section of the school’s website. Please always report any difficulty in logging in to the secure area to the school office, or to the email address shown on the website:

M K Hodge 22 March 2019