Prospect Post
Ballet Club

Lower school ballet club has begun and the children really enjoyed their first lesson. Plié, tendu and passé were some of the steps the children worked on this week.

Lower School Yogis

Yoga club had its first session of the term this week. Using brightly coloured scarves, the children practised the mandala pose as well as posing as their favourite animal. They are well on their way to becoming yogis, having also learned the plank pose. And… relax!

Year 6 Super Scientists

Children in Year 6 had great fun extracting DNA from strawberries this week! The children used washing up liquid to dissolve the cell membrane before adding salt to encourage the DNA to clump together. They then added alcohol which created two layers, making it easier to see. A great experiment in which the children learned that DNA precipitates, because it is insoluble in alcohol. 

'Pop-up' Art at the V & A

On Wednesday, 4R went on a fantastic trip to the Victoria and Albert Museum. After a short tube ride, the children were greeted by friendly and talented staff at the museum and they began their workshop on how to make ‘pop-ups’. To gather inspiration for their own work, the children wandered around a gallery full of Indian-themed artwork. As soon as the children found a piece that they found particularly interesting, they sat down to sketch it and began to think of ideas for a story based on their chosen object or artwork. Their sketches were beautiful and were soon transformed into colourful ‘pop-ups’ that sprung out of their pages. It was also a thoroughly enjoyable day for their accompanying teachers and helpers.

To round off a wonderful day, a commuter on the tube approached Miss Rosario to commend the children on their impeccable behaviour. What a brilliant day. Well done, 4R!

Tasty Fractions!

Miss Cross’ maths group had a delicious lesson this week while learning about fractions! The children cut cakes and chocolate into halves and quarters, whilst being very careful to make sure each section was equal!

Computing Club News

This week in computing club, the Year 2 children taught the Reception and Year 1 children how to create a story using Puppet Pals. They were able to create their own exciting stories and had great fun recording their voices for the characters.

Improvisation Club Capers

The first week of improvisation club got off to a flying start. We discussed the key ‘rules’ to improvisation (and yes there are rules!), the key one being ‘accept everything’, before taking part in some fun drama games. The children finished their session by thinking about introducing a character. They also worked in pairs to develop an opening line of improvised speech. Roll on next week!

Year 2 Maths Mania
It’s been Maths Mania in Year 2 this week as the children have been learning how to round numbers to the nearest 10 or 100. 2B had great fun completing rounding activities and playing games with their partners. 
Messages from the PE Department

Please could you ensure that girls do not wear earrings to school on the days that they have PE or games. It can be dangerous for them to wear earrings when taking part in sporting activities. 

As the weather is turning colder and wetter, please ensure your child comes into school with enough clothes for PE, Games and outdoor clubs. Children are welcome to wear hats and gloves along with their normal PE kit.


Lower School Recognition
Upper School Recognition

All current circulars and messages can be seen in the secure section of the school’s website. Please always report any difficulty in logging in to the secure area to the school office, or to the email address shown on the website:

M K Hodge 18 January 2019