Prospect Post
Lower School Art Club

Last week, the children used clay to make pinch pots. They did this by rolling the clay into a ball and then, using their thumb and first finger, they continuously pinched the middle of the ball to create a pot shape. Later, they moved onto making coil pots. This was achieved by rolling the clay into sausage shapes and then coiling these shapes upwards to build the walls of the pot. This week, the children had fun painting their pots with lots of different colours, and they are looking forward to taking them home.

Year 1 RE

This term in RE the children have been learning about different faiths. This week, we have been studying Judaism, and Ms Lane came to speak to the children about Shabbat, the Jewish Sabbath day.  She explained to the children the traditions that take place on this day and how families come together and celebrate lighting Shabbat candles, saying prayers, singing songs, breaking challah bread and drinking wine (grape juice) from a Kiddush cup. Ms Lane brought the talk to life by explaining things the children were allowed and not allowed to do during Shabbat and teaching the children some Hebrew words. She also showed the children some objects used during Shabbat and, of course, the children loved sharing the Challah and grape juice! Thank you for coming to talk to us, Ms Lane!

Reception police visit

As part of the ‘People Who Help Us’ topic, Reception met PC James Elvy and PCSO Louise Gutteridge. The children enjoyed learning about how the police keep them safe and had great fun trying on their uniform!

Music afternoon at St John’s School

On Thursday, Mr Baker took twelve PHS musicians to St John’s, Leatherhead for an afternoon of singing and orchestral playing. Joining forces with children from other schools, everyone clearly enjoyed making music together, helped considerably by the well-judged selection of music. The day finished with an enjoyable mini-concert that was attended by parents and other family members. Well done to all those who took part.

Music success!

Congratulations to all the children who received their grading certificates this morning for the music exams taken last term.

Dragon writing!

Year 4 have been enjoying English this week, preparing to write non-chronological reports about how to care for a pet dragon. The children enjoyed designing their own dragons and deciding on the creatures’ appearance, personality, abilities and powers.

Results Sport

Year 6 mixed teams v Unicorn School

Team ‘1’ won 6-0

Team ‘2’ won 7-1

Year 5 boys and Year 6 mixed teams 

Team ‘1’ won 6-0

Team ‘2’ lost 3-2

Team ‘3’ lost 4-1

Team ‘4’ won 4-0

Year 5 girls hockey v The Harrodian

‘A’ team lost 4-2

‘B’ team lost 7-1

Year 5 girls hockey v Hurlingham School

‘A’ team lost 8-1

‘B’ team drew 5-5

‘C’ team won 9-1

Reminders - Games sessions

Please ensure your child brings a water bottle to school on the days they have games sessions.  Water is available at the venue used, but no cups are provided. 

Lower School recognition
Upper School recognition

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M K Hodge 24 January 2020