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9th May 2022
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10th May 2022

On Tuesday, Year 2 took a trip to the Florence Nightingale museum as part of our topic ‘Influential Women’. We learned all about Florence’s life, looked at important artefacts, and even met Florence herself!

9th May 2022

This week, Year 4 had a wonderful four days at Hindleap Warren in East Sussex. The children took part in so many different activities, including archery, climbing, swimming, team building challenges and orienteering. On day two, the children donned their waterproof clothing and wellies to embark on a Forest Adventure; they walked through streams, explored parts of the forest and even had the chance to get (very) muddy! It was also an invaluable experience to help build independence and spend time away from technology.

29th April 2022

This week, Year 4 rose to the challenge of putting on a ‘Play in a Week’. The children performed a humorous adaptation of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, directed by Liz, from Konflux Theatre Company. Throughout the week, the children had a fantastic time learning new drama games and refining their drama skills. The children really impressed their teachers by learning their lines verbally - without a script in sight! Their hard work paid off in the final performances to parents on Friday morning and afternoon; all of the children should be very proud of themselves. Bravo, Year 4!

28th April 2022

Some talented musicians from Year 5 enjoyed a wonderful afternoon at St. John's School, Leatherhead, where they joined other prep schools in rehearsing and performing a small selection of challenging and fun pieces. A short concert in the evening showed the parents what the children had achieved. Well done to all involved – you were a great advert for our school!

22nd April 2022

In conjunction with their new topic of ‘Space’, Year 1 have been exploring colour mixing and shade, in relation to the sun and moon. The sun and moon are opposites - sun: warm and bright, moon: cool and calm. The moon is the counterpart and balances the sun. After discussion, the children concluded that warm colours red, orange, yellow and pink - associated with sunrise and sunset. They are also the colours of fire. Cool shades are blue and purple. These are the colours of the night sky. Green can be either depending on the shade (bright green signifying spring and warm days), whereas dark green is cooler. The children used the primary colours to mix together to create warm shades for the sun and sunrays, and cool shades for the moon and moonbeams, in a contrasting sun/moon picture.

22nd April 2022

This week, Nursery was learning all about Earth Day. We learned about different ways to keep our Earth healthy, such as turning off the taps and recycling. We decided to create some ‘seed bombs’ to plant in The Hollow. Nursery rolled up some recycled scrap paper with water and a seed and we threw them into The Hollow. We can’t wait to see if our seeds start to grow.

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